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Fifth Wheel Hitch Kit Installation - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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How to Install a 5th Wheel Hitch Kit on a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Today on this 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Pickup we are going to install part number 50061-6008 from towing products. First thing we need to do is get the truck ready to install the 5 th wheel. Lower the spare tire, also in this case the vehicle has a factory brake controller which you need to take the sensor off the inside of the frame rail and get that out of the way so we can install the hardware.

Now right behind it is the bolt hole that bracket uses so as you take this down. It is actually getting mounted to another bracket which we will put it out of the way for the bolt and the the bolt, bracket, and frame bracket from the hitch will all be bolted together as one unit and we are all done. Next what we are going to do is position our front rail on the bed of the truck. We are going to center it in the bed and then measure it from the rear of the bed towards the front as per the instructions. All right once you have your rail even go ahead and mark the holes using the punch. After every punch go ahead and drill it out with a small dime or drill bit for pilot holes.

We will compare the holes in the bed to the brackets we temporarily put on underneath. On this side, right underneath these two bolts here is the gas tank. What you want to do is out something in between the bed and gas tank so you do not accidentally drill into the gas tank. All right I have got our frame rail here and you can see on the bottom here where we drilled the holes through the bed. Go ahead and raise the frame rails into position and compare it to the holes in the bed. And it looks like we are in good shape. So at the this point we can go ahead and drill our holes in the bed up to the 9/ 16 th size. Next we are going to loosely install our side bracket to the frame and the bolts are going to come from the inside out and we are going to use this bottom hole right here. And again we want to leave this loose so we can match up to the holes we put it the bed. We will go ahead and loosely install our u-bolt. Now there are two holes in the frame you can use either one, whichever one gives you better clearance. The u-bolt sits very close to this part of the wire harness here, what we are going to do is temporarily move that out of the way and then we will probably reattach it to the u-bolt when it is all said and done. And we will do the same thing on the other side of the vehicle.

After we put the u-bolt in on the passenger side we can just snap this back into place into its existing mount and it will be fine just like that. When we get our frame bracket into position we can go ahead and install the 3-1/4 bolt hardware through the bracket for the plug here. Orient it where the wires will not be rubbing against anything else metal like the brake lines here. And lets go ahead and fasten the hardware. All right we will put our rails back into position, we are going to install these blocks with the slots in them underneath, take up any extra slack and we will the the bolts through and go back underneath and install the hardware from the bottom of the brackets. And we will repeat for the other side. Next what we are going to do is go ahead and our 5 th wheel onto the rails that are installed already, and we will put the back rails underneath it which will help square the rails. Once you get the rails underneath there take some time and make sure to square up the front rail, then you should be good to go. Now we will go ahead and do like the front rail we will do the back rail. We will go ahead and mark it, then drill it out.

Now go ahead and put our blocks in. On this side the corrugation is up so we will have to put our blocks in to take up that space. Next we will go ahead and tighten down the bolts that connect the the rails to the frame brackets and we will torque those down as specified in the instructions. Now we can start tightening down the frame brackets to the frame. You want to hand tighten the u-bolts first then torque them down as specified in the instructions. Now I will fasten the big 3-1/4 inch bolt that will attach the frame bracket to the frame. We will tighten it down and torque it as specified in the instructions. And that finishes it for part number 50061-6008 from Towing Products.

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