Rebuilding Fulton 1500lb-2500lb Jacks

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Rebuilding Fulton 1500lb-2500lb Jacks

Today we're going to be showing you how to rebuild the Fulton 1500 to 2500 pound Jacks. We're going to be using the Bevel Kit, which is part number F0933306S00. The Bevel Gear Kit, they're going to be the same gear both for our upright and for our drive gear. You can see they've been designed to work universally with one another. We've got a new washer in which this rides on. That gives an area for our friction to go so it's not wearing on our Jack.

We've got our spacer, we've got our flanged bushings. This is going to be a small groove pin, this is for our handle, and this is the pin that actually rotates the screw itself. Now if all you need to replace is your gears, that's all that you're going to need. If you also need to do a handle replacement or if you're only going to be doing a handle replacement, this is what the kit looks like. This is part number F0933395S00. This is going to have our new handle, again, for the 1500 to 2500 pound Jacks.

It's going to give us our new flanged bushing and it's going to give us our groove pin. Now, to begin our replacement, the first thing we're going to need to do is remove our end cap here, a 1/4 inch driver or flat blade screwdriver will take care of that. Once that's loose, slide the cap off and we just kind of want to lift up on it and see on the other side there's that grease cert that it fits around. If your cap is busted or if you need a replacement, this is available as part number F500324. Set that aside for now. Inside you'll see the working mechanism.

Those are all the gears and everything we need to get into. I'm going to go ahead and get some of that grease cleaned up so we're not messing with it. Now with that grease out of the way, we can see a little bit better inside of there. If we look right here you can see that little U-shaped pocket. That's the same as the pocket that we've got on the back of one of our gears. See right through here.

There's a pin that goes through the hole in the handle and it sits in that gear so as we turn it, that's what causes it to turn and that's also you can see what's holding our handle in place. What we want to do is take a small punch, this is a 5/32, we'll punch that pin downward on out. Once we've got it most of the way out there, you can see we'll turn our Jack to where that pin's angled over that direction, that gives us the room we need to actually get it the rest of the way out. Like that, it's time to lift our handle up. See our gear's going to come out of there, also got the bushing, it's the flanged bushing. Our handle passes through that and that keeps wear to a minimum, also gives us a replaceable part in case we foul it up there. Now just want to reach underneath our other gear and get that pulled out towards us. Get it set aside. Then right inside of there you'll see that larger pin that came with our kit. Get that pushed out. Finally, we've got that washer that we'll need to work off of there. This is a repair that we can do with the Jack mounted to our trailer. We can just use the pick like we did and pull everything out. But since we do have it and it's not installed, kind of give you a little look at how the Jack actually works here. Get that little keeper tab, want to slide that out, and then you're just going to see a couple of washers that sit on the bottom and that's our screw mechanism. As we turn our handle, we see it just raises or lowers our Jack. It's very, very hard to wear out that large shaft or that keeper there, so we can usually save ourselves a lot of money and just rebuild it rather than replacing the entire Jack. Now we can get back to rebuilding the Jack. You always want to, when you're putting this back together, lubricate all of your surfaces, especially where they're going to be rubbing on each other or creating wear. That's just going to drop in, there's a wider side that it goes into and it fits into the smaller side and then going to get that screw slid in, just like that. At this point you'll be grabbing all of your replacement parts to put in, but, of course, since this is a brand new Jack we're just going to put it together with the parts that we just took out. We're going to get that washer slid into place, then we're going to take our larger diameter pin, we're going to slide that through the hole that was holding the lower gear in place, just like that. It doesn't matter which gear we pick to put in first, we just want to ensure that that pin sits in the enclosed slot. We don't want this pin to be in this slot or it's going to fall out and our Jack won't help us. Get it lined up properly, slid all the way down and on. We've got our handle bushing that's going to go into place. We'll grab our other gear, kind of just hold that underneath and in line with our bushing. Our handle can go down through like that. We align the hole in our handle up with that groove and we'll slide in our grooved pin. Get it tapped in just a little past the gear there, check the other side, we can go in just a little bit further. Just kind of want to make it equal on both sides. Now as we said, good idea to keep this greased up as you're building it. We're going to go through, get everything greased up. Since this is more of a marine style application, we're going to use some good quality marine grease, that way we won't have to worry about it soaking up any water or anything like that. We're ready to just put that cap on, put that little set screw back in and that's all there is to it. Easy replaceable items that we can take care of in just a few minutes at home, we don't have to worry about re-buying an expensive Jack. That's going to complete our rebuild of the Fulton 1500 to 2500 pound Jacks, using Bevel Gear Kit F0933306S00 and Handle Kit F0933305S00.

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