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Atwood 1,000 lb Jack Replacement Thrust Bearings Installation

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How to Install the Atwood 1,000 lb Jack Replacement Thrust Bearings

Today we're going to be showing you how to rebuild the Atwood 1000 Pound Top Line Series Jack. We'll be using part number AT81416 which is the Replacement Thrust Baring. This is what our Replacement Thrust Baring Kit is going to look like. We've got the felt spacer. That's going to go inside of the baring pack itself. Then that baring pack, it's going to sit right down on top of that washer.

That's going to give us a very low friction area as we turn the screw on our jack and that raises and lowers. That's going to provide very, very low friction. Now in some applications you may need the second washer. Now it's simply put on top. First thing we're going to need to do in the repair is to remove the pin. Now some of your thousand pound jacks might have a bolt and a nut that go through there.

Our case today, we've got a pin. We're going to replace that with the quarter inch bolt. Nylon lock nut on it once we get done. Want to use a center punch to get us a good starting point right in the middle. Then I'm going to use a quarter inch drill bit to drill that out.

Now once we've drilled through that top portion you'll see it's just going to come off. It's going to loosen up our handle quite a bit. We want to push that pin on through. To do that you can use a small punch like a 5/32nd. Or just a screw driver.

You see that's going to be the top part of the screw which raises and lowers the jack. We'll set out handle aside. Now what we'll do is stand the jack up and we need to lift the outer tube off of our inner tube. Just like that. At that point we can remove the old baring. We can remove the felt spacer. We'll remove our old washer. You'll notice there's a slight curve to this. We want the curved sire to be up, the rounded side to be up, and the side that's concave we want that to be down. Now at that point you'll just grab your new parts and bring that down on top. Your new baring down on top and then we'll orient that spacer so it will fit down inside of that. You'll see there's a little bit of a notch inside of the outer tube of the jack. That needs to slide down the long groove that's in the inner tube. We're going to slide that down far enough so that the screw portion the top of the screw comes out of the top of the net. Your handles going to slide over then it's just a matter of sliding through our new bolt and securing it with the nut. Now we can tighten that down with out screw. You see it's going to be still fully stow able. Easy to release that handle. Our jacks right back operating nice and smoothly. That's going to complete our replacement of the stress baring of the Atwood 1000 pound Top Line Jack. Part #AT81416.

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