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Choosing the Right Bike Adapter Bar

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Choosing the Right Bike Adapter Bar

You might see people driving down the highway with their bikes like this on their rack. And that's because they don't have a frame adapter bar to even out the load. Now, there are a lot of different frame adapter bar options from a lot of different brands. And we'll talk about what makes them different and compare them. But first and foremost, any frame adapter bar is better than none, that way you can safely transport your bikes. So the main things to think about is the length of the adapter bar, the width of the collars and how easy is it to use.

So for our adapter bar's length, the range for a minimum and a maximum length. The shortest detracted length is going to be 14 and a half inches. And this is gonna be the Yakima TubeTop adapter. You measure where the bar is because for your smaller bikes, especially your children's bikes, you want it to be able to fit from your seat post to your bike stem. The maximum length is going to be measured from the inside of the clamp and not the bar.

That's because that's where you have to have it fit for your bikes with longer wheel bases. And the maximum will be over 33 inches with the Swagman adapter bars. For ease of use, it's mainly how easy is it to open up the clamps or the levers for a collar. Some of them you push a button and then you slide or push on the lever in order to open it. My personal favorite is the Saris adapter bar because you just press a button and you pull on the lever in order to open it.

That has a larger opening there, making it easier to put the bikes on. There's also differences like how the collars are shaped whether they have grips or they have ridges as well as the width of the inside of the collars that make them slightly different from the others. No matter which frame adapter bar you get, as long as you have any frame adapter bar, you are going to have a much better and safer experience transporting your bikes. And now you know about frame adapter bars, get as many of these bars as you need for your different types of bikes. And if you have friends that are still carrying their bikes upside down on their hanging racks, please grab one for them too..