SportRack Anti-Rattle Hitch Bike Rack Lock Review

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Review of the SportRack Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Lock

Today we are going to show you part number A30901LHP from SportRack. What we have here is a locking kit for virtually all SportRack bicycle racks. It is a pretty easy device to use. Actually what it does it upgrade your existing anti rattle devices that is built into SportRacks. Now we will show you how it works. It is pretty easy. It basically comes with a new bolt that replaces your old one and works just the same. You will slide your lock washer, on then your flat washer. Once you thread it through the hitch and the bicycle rack, then you can install your lock. As you can see it is a simple key lock. You just turn it to open it up. Next you can slide your pin in. It actually snaps in. Take the key out and there you have it.

Even if someone comes up with a wrench and tries to back it off the lock is going to keep the bolt from coming all the way out. Now we are down by the hitch with the old bolt that your hitch came with. All you have to do is replace the old bolt with the new one. Go ahead and snug it down as tight as you need then you simply snap your block on the other side. There you have it your bicycle rack will not go anywhere now. There you have it for part number A30901LHP from SportRack, the locking kit for a hitch mounted bicycle rack.

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