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Master Lock Vehicle Locks - Motorcycle Lock - 8304DPS Review

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Review of the Master Lock 3 Inch Disc Brake Lock

Today we are going to show you part number 8304DPS. What we have here is a 3 inch disc brake lock from Master Lock. What this lock is designed to do is prevent roll away theft and basically it goes on the front disc brake on your bike. It prevents your wheel from turning so you can not just roll it away. It is pretty easy to use. You just slide it over the disc brake and push the button down and it automatically locks itself into place. It comes with a bright orange cord that runs up to your handle bars to remind you that it is still connected to your bike. We will go ahead and cover some of the fine points really fast. This is the cord we were just talking about it stretches out from the fork all the way to your handle bars. This is the lock itself. It is pretty easy to use. What you do is turn the key and the pin comes up and your rotor goes in there.

Just slide it on and push the button and it is secure. It comes with a couple sets of keys and also a nice carrying case that you can put it in when you are not using it. That way it does not bang up anything in your cargo area that you have it stowed away with. Plus it comes with a little buckle too if you want to tie it off to something else. Installing it is pretty simple you slide the cable over one end and the other half goes around the rotor. Then you take the key out and push the button shut. The other half goes up and connects to the handle bar to remind you that it is hooked up. Once of the nice features of this lock is you do not have to worry about locking your bike up to a post or stationary object. This way it can not be rolled away or anything like that. There you have it for part number 8301DPS from Master Lock. The 3 inch disc brake lock.

Robert S.


Will this fit the disc brake on the Honda PCX150?Thank [email protected]

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


To determine if the Master Lock 3 Inch Disc Brake Lock, part # 8304DPS, will fit your Honda PCX150 you will want to measure the distance from the outside edge of your rotor to the inside edge of rotor. If that measurement is less than 2-1/4 inches, then it will fit. The rotor on your Honda will need to have an opening for the pin on the Master Lock to go through for the lock to work properly.

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