Yakima Roof Bike Racks - Wheel Mount - Y02091 Review

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Review of a Yakima HighRoller Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Today we are going to show you part number Y02091 from Yakima. This is their HighRoller Bicycle Rack. This actually will fit the widest range of bikes, from the small wheels on a road bike to the big wheels that you find on a downhill race bike. One of the best features about this rack is, you do not have to take off the front wheel, so it is great for bikes that do not have an easy-to-use front skewer or a quick-release mount. So let us go ahead and install it on a typical roof rack, and we will give you a better idea of how it works and how it looks.

We will start off by putting our clamps on the bars. And these clamps will fit round bars, as shown, and also square-tube bars, too. With the HighRoller Bicycle Rack, we will go ahead and put it on top of the roof rack, put the carriage bolts in place, and we will just lay it on the rack for now, and then line up the carriage bolts. Now we will install our fasteners and snug them up just a little bit. Now, we will leave them loose for now. Take a few minutes to straighten out the rack and make sure it is in a straight line with the car. Once you have it the way you want it, then go ahead and tighten down the knobs. Next we will install our front covers. Lift the center section up and install your covers. They just snap into place. OK, at this point we are ready to install our bicycle.

And what you want to do is on the front arm here go ahead and set the measurements to the wheel that you are going to use. To make your adjustment, pull this front half down. And this will slide up and down on the rack itself. You have four adjustments: 20-inch wheels 24-inch 26-27 and 700C and 29-inch wheels. The bike that we are going to use is 26-inch wheel, so we will slide it to that line right there, and then lock it into position. And then we will take our rear half of the rack and put it in its down position. Press on this red button right here, and it comes right down. Make sure your back strap is loose, and we can install our bike. Push your wheel far forward, get your pedals out of the way, and take the rear bar and push it up into position. And it will ratchet as you push up, so push as far as you can. And once you have that done, this knob right here - rotate it, and that will finally tighten it down so it will absolutely not go anywhere. Then do your back strap. Push it through the buckle here. And it has a ratchet built in, and it is the same on both sides of the rack. And with that, your bicycle is installed.

And to secure your bicycle, it comes with a built-in cable lock. And just lock it onto itself on this pin right here, and that is how it goes. Now, it does not come with the core - that is sold separately. That is part of Yakimas SKS System. All right, and that covers our review of part number Y02091 from Yakima, the HighRoller.

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