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Review of a United Welding Services Crossover Toolbox

Today we are going to cover part number UWS00109. This is from United Welding Services. This is their Crossover Toolbox - all-aluminum, heavy-gauge material. As you can see, it has diamond plate. Next, we will show you how this box gets installed. There are two adhesive-backed, foam strips that go underneath the crossover part, between the bed and the crossover box. And you want to do this for the other side.

Now we have our box on the rails. We are going to to keep it toward the end of the bed just to give you a better idea of how it gets installed. Obviously, this is going to go up toward the front, toward the cab of the pickup. Once you have your box centered, then go ahead and measure out the distance between the bed rail and the side of the box, and then transfer that measurement to the inside of the box so you can drill it out. And then repeat the same process for the other side. This would be normally toward the front of the cab. We are just going to show you how the J-hook fits in here. And that should be end result you are looking for: it catches under the edge of the bed and still goes through the box. Once you have your box in final alignment, go ahead and tighten down your J-bolt and you are good to go.

The box itself is constructed of heavy-duty-grade, aluminum diamond plate. The latch mechanisms themselves are the stainless steel variety, so you definitely will not have anything rust on this box. There are two locks, one on each side, but one latch will open both. And it does have gas shocks to hold it up in position, so you do not have to worry about it falling back down on you. And the way the shocks are mounted, too, when they lie flat horizontally, they are not taking up any space inside the little tray area. And the lid itself is actually a two-piece deal. There is the outside you see here, the diamond plate, and then there is an inside sheet. And between them, there is insulation. What the insulation does is, it actually makes this whole lid stiff, so it does not flex or anything. So that allows you to be able to shut one side and that makes actually both sides lock down. And actually, the latch assembly has its own little aluminum cover to keep anything from inside bouncing off and messing up the interior linkages. The next little feature is the tray itself. That slides back and forth, as you need. And also, you have a screwdriver rack on both sides of the unit, also. The latch pins here are actually adjustable to make the lid loose or as tight as you want to, to fine-tune it. But coming from the factory, it actually works just perfectly. And that covers it for part number UWS00109, the Crossover Toolbox.

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