Thule Cargo Bags - Roof Bag - TH856 Review

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Review of a Thule Nomad Roof Mounted Cargo Bag

This is part number TH856 from Thule, the Thule Nomad Roof Mounted Cargo Bag. Some quick features about this bag: it has durable nylon construction that will withstand travel over rugged terrain. It has taped seam construction that provides solid water resistance. It also has four straps that will tighten over the bag once it is stowed away and it is mounted to the roof rack. And this bag will mount to existing luggage racks. It includes four tie-downs that can be attached at eight different points on the bag.

We will go ahead and show you some of the details of the Thule Nomad Roof Mounted Cargo Bag. First, talk about the tie-down points right here. You have two in the front, as shown, and two in the rear, as shown here, and then also by the straps here that are built in, there are additional tie-down points here. You can have those attaching to the bars that go long-ways with your vehicle. The bag itself features heavy-duty nylon construction, and the zipper is heavy-duty construction also, which is stitched into the fabric. And it also has a weatherproof covering for it, too. Just simply it covers over and attaches with Velcro. And the straps right here, these are adjustable. Depending on what size load you have in there, you can actually cinch it down to take up some of the bag so it is not flapping around in the breeze. It makes the bag a little more aerodynamic. And also, at the bottom of the straps you have these easy handles right here to help you carry the bag fully loaded if you want to.

The Thule Nomad Cargo Bag holds 14 cubic feet, and all that does fold up and rolls up into its own Stuff Sack, as you can see here. It packs away and does not take up much room in your vehicle or any storage compartment. And there you have it for part number TH856 from Thule, the Thule Nomad Roof Mounted Cargo Bag.

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