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Thule Hitch Cargo Carrier - Enclosed Carrier - TH665C Review

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Review of the Thule Enclosed Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Today we are going to be showing you part number 665C from Thule. This is their transporting and tilting enclosed cargo carrier. It slides into an inch and a quarter hitch, class 2, receiver or a 2 inch hitch which due to its lower height makes loading much easier. It has a tilt down design which makes gaining access to the rear of the vehicle that much easier. It also includes a lock for extra security. Now it also has an optional light and holder for a licensee plate for those long trips down the road which requires you to punch holes in the front of the cargo carrier. This carrier has 13 cubic feet of carrying space and has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. There is also a plug on the bottom of the carrier which makes cleaning a cinch.

Now we will demonstrate how this carrier works and show you some of the finer features we have just mentioned. We will start off with the front side of the carrier and work our way back. Now right now you cannot open this carrier as it is locked. Which is like we mentioned before for added security. Now you just need the key that comes with the carrier. Place it in the lock and turn and the carrier opens. If you look in the cargo carrier here you can see how spacious it really is. Also there is the plug valve here which actually makes cleaning a cinch. Moving further down from that you have the 2 tail light assemblies which do connect to a 4 pole connector. Also right underneath the lock you can see these 3 divots here that actually provide the set up point for your license plate holder. Moving on to the back of the cargo carrier. We will show you, this is the 4 pole connector. That will actually feed power to the tail light assemblies on the back of the carrier. You simply plug it in it to the 4 pole flat in your vehicle and it should run just fine.

To do that you probably want to actually wrap this around a couple times just to get it better secure. And then, the carrier comes equipped with a zip tie to tie this down. Then you just simply plug it into your 4 pole flat. Next is probably the most important function of this cargo carrier is the actual tilting function. If you look back here there is actually a pin you have to pull and then you can gentle let it down to gain more access to the rear of your vehicle. Pull it out and now you have more access to the rear of your vehicle. Now we are going to show you some of the tail light functions of this. To operate these lights you simply turn on the power to your lights. Then you can see it comes on. They also have a left turn, as well as a right turn. They also have a brake function. And just about anything that your car can do, these tail lights will do. There you have it for part number 665C from Thule, the transporter and tilting cargo carrier.

Janet Y.


What are the interior dimensions? What is the minimum interior height? It looks like lid slopes, does it? Thanks for help.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


The interiro dimensions are: 48-1/2" long x 23-1/3" high x 24-1/2" wide. If you check out the side photos on the main product page that will give you a better idea on the amount of slope on the top of this carrier.

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