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Review of a Swagman Hang-It Bike Rack

Today we are going to show you part number S80960 from Swagman. This is their Hang-It bicycle rack. What this does is, it is basically a rack that allows you to store two bicycles in the same spot on the floor, because it holds two bikes, one above the other. It expands to a maximum height of 9 feet. The hooks can also be set at varying heights and angles. It is really easy to take down and put up, and we are going to show you how it works.

Before you install this in any part of your room, there a couple of things you have got to do first. On the pads themselves there is one on each side, obviously you want to unscrew these until they are about halfway out. You do that on both halves and turn it back over. The cradles are loose for now. And to extend the bike carrier, push this button in it releases the latch here. And then you can go ahead and push it up toward the ceiling. And then basically, at this point, it is a good idea to apply pressure to the ceiling, and put your foot on the bottom pad. And then just twist it as instructions show on the product itself.

And now the bicycle rack is secure. All that remains now is just to adjust the cradles to the height of your bikes. All right, this is one of the cradles here. Obviously, you can see that this moves up and down. You can do that to adjust for the top tube of your bicycle. When you have it in the proper position, you can just go ahead and tighten down this handwheel here. And then for vertical height, there is another knob in the back that you want to undo. And then you raise it up and down as needed. The same thing applies for both cradles. And we will go ahead and install a bike and give you a better idea of how it looks.

All right, once you get the cradle adjusted to the height you need, you simply go ahead and install the bike. And then level up the bike as you need to and then just tighten up this handwheel here. Put it on the cradles. All right, and there you have it for part number S80960 from Swagman.

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