SportRack Hitch Bike Racks - Hanging Rack - A30403 Review

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Review of the SportRack Escape 3 Hitch Bike Tilting Bike Carrier

Today we are going to be showing you part number A30403 the folding 3 bike carrier for 1 inch and 1/4 and 2 inch trailer hitches. This is called the Sport Rack Escape 3. The features of this includes that it carriers up to 3 bikes, it works with many alternative and larger tubed frame bikes and it has a dual arm design which offers great bike support and 3 attachment points for each bike. Also it has a anti sway cradle which attaches to the upright or angled bar of the bike frame to help keep bikes from swaying front to back as you are driving down the road. The soft cradles slide front to back and rotate to help accommodate many types of bikes. The carrier is also powder coated to resist corrosion. The bike rack tilts down to allow access to the rear of your vehicle. The top support arms also collapse for travel without bikes or for storage. The bike rack includes a threaded anti rattle hitch pin that prevents the bike rack from swaying back and forth.

It also has the optional cable lock which is part number A32022 which is available to lock bikes to the rack. The measurements for this are designed for 1 inch and 1/4 by 1 inch and 1/4 receiver hitch, which would be a class 2 only. Or you could also use 2 by 2 inch trailer hitches. The weight capacity is 132 pounds and the maximum single bike weight is 45 pounds. It accepts bikes with frames up to 1 inch and 1/2 in diameter and the normal hitch locks are not compatible with this bike rack due to its built in anti rattle device. As stated before you can actually convert this from a 2 inch to a 1 inch and a 1/4 shank. But to do that you will need loosen the screws up on both side, then split it in half and it will open up the plastic outer shell. You just need a phillips head screw driver and a flat head to help split it apart. Just take your flat head, put it in there, and it is ready for a 1 and 1/4 inch. We are going to go ahead and put the shank into the hitch and show you how the anti sway bolt works.

Now you want to make sure you get the holes lined up just right. Now you have a lock washer and a regular washer that you put on the pin as well before you install. Like with any bolt, it simply screws in. Now to tighten it up you will need a wrench or a ratchet. Get it nice and snug and there is a pin or clip for the other side. Next we are going to show you the tilt feature of this rack and to do that you simply pull the pin and clip out of the bottom near the shank and let it fall towards you. Then you will be able to gain access to the rear of the vehicle, truck, SUV, car, what have you. And you have access to the rear of your vehicle. Next we will show you how to fold down the cradles and the arms themselves. It is a very similar process such as the tilt mechanism. You just pull out a pin and clip and you just let the arms fall down, and repin and clip it so the arms do not move. Now it is ready for storage.

Next we are going to go ahead and show you how a bike fits on there and then we are going to move on to the cradles. Before we put on the bike, we are going to go ahead and loosen up the straps. Once it is on there, go ahead and strap on the anti sway device. Obviously these cradles can move left to right and front to back as needed. Plus they have these convenient rubber straps that are very flexible and are used to fit around your bike. The bike rack also has these anti sway cradles as well, that as you can see attach to the frame of your bike to ensure more security as you travel. There you have it for part number A30403. This is the folding 3 bike carrier for 1 inch and 1/4 and 2 inch trailer hitches, the Sport Rack escape 3.

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