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Thule Bike Locks - Cable Lock - A32022 Review

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Review of a SportRack Hitch and Cable Bike Rack Lock

Today we are going to show you part number A32022 from SportRack. This is a SportRack hitch and cable lock. Both of these locks are keyed alike. This hitch and cable lock combination will work on a variety of different bicycle racks from SportRack, and we will list them here. The first one is the A30901. This one is the first one we will show off the demonstration with. Another bicycle rack will be the A30403 and A30404.

First off, we are going to show you the hitch lock portion of the kit, consisting of the replacement bolt. This bolt will replace the bolt that came with your bicycle rack. And it has this washer and lock washer. And we will go ahead and install it, and then we will pop the lock on the other side right here. All right, now we are going to install the cable lock, and again, we are going to use it on bicycle rack part number A30901. First off, what you want to do is take off this cap right here. Take your cap and thread the cable on through, and then just put it straight down into the tube. And then you can replace your cap at that same time. And then take your pin that comes with it, the locking pin, and that just goes right on through the post and out the other side. And then, it comes with a little C-clip and that gets installed into one of these grooves right here. Just take it and put it in the groove. And sometimes you can press it with your finger, sometimes you might need something a little harder to press it into place.

OK, we have got our bike installed now let us go ahead and secure it. If you had two bikes, you would just wrap this cable around both frames, and around itself, and then back onto the post. And now your bikes are cable locked to the bicycle rack, and they are secure and they will not go anywhere.

Next, we are going to show the SportRack hitch and cable lock on a different bicycle rack. This is actually part of their Escape Series, part number A30403. You see, it is a totally different model. It actually holds the bicycles by the top tube instead of by the wheels like on the previous bicycle rack. As that point goes, it installs just the same. As you can see here, we have got it run through our hitch, out the other side, and the lock pops on - secure, it is good to go, and it is not going to go anywhere. Now the top part, where the bikes reside, we will install the cable lock there and show you how that works. Again, it is the same procedure: install the cable, put in the pin, and you are ready to go. To do our install, basically we have to pop out three knockouts here:there is one, two and three. And you take a simple screwdriver and push them inside and just knock them out of the way. And then do the one in the middle here. And that is all the preparation it needs. All right, we will install our cable as before, through the middle. And then we install our pin, and then install our C-clip, which goes right on the very end right here, and it snaps in position, and this pin cannot come out.

Now you can see we have a bicycle installed on the rack, and we will show you how to secure it. Again, this will apply either to one bike, as shown here,or a rack completely filled up. Just take the cable and pull all the way out. As you can see, it would cover all the bikes, but for now we will just go around our one bike here and then secure it in place. Just wrap it around the frame and it is secured. And also, with the one bike being secured, the ones in the back cannot be taken off, either, at that point. And this part will also work on the rest of Escape Series bike racks from SportRack, such as part number A30404. And there you have it for part number A32022 from SportRack, the SportRack a hitch and cable lock.

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