SportRack Hitch Bike Racks - Hanging Rack - A30404TW200 Review

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Review of the SportRack 4 Hitch Bike Towing, Folding Bike Rack

Today we are going to show you A30404TW200 from SportRack. What we have here is a 4 bike folding and towing rack for 2 inch hitches. A few nice details about this bicycle rack are first off this bike rack does fit only 2 inch receiver hitches. But you have an option of having only 2 pin holes on the shank itself. So you can bring it in even closer to the vehicle or further away depending on your bumper and hitch combination. Also on the shank here is the pivot mechanism basically allows you to pull this pin back and allows you to tilt the rack backwards to allow you access to the back of your vehicle. We will go ahead and show you just how that works. You pull out the clip and then you pull out the pin. Then it folds back and out of the way so you can get to the back of your vehicle.

The best part of this bike rack is it does double duty it has a draw bar for towing. Which will haul a trailer that weighs up to 2000 pounds with 200 pounds of tongue weight on there. So basically you can use an 1 inch and 7/8 ball or 2 inch ball on this bike rack. Next we are going to show you these arms that actually hold the bikes themselves. These arms will also fold out of the way when you are not using the bike rack. Say if you are on your way to go pick up some bikes. You just pull the pin out and therefore it is ready for transport down the road as is. We will go ahead and install a bike and show you how it works. Take your straps and put them over the bike and onto the other side of the cradle. Where it will latch on you just snap it right over. Make sure you do it to both sides. What is also nice about this bike rack is all the cradles have this anti sway device here so basically it wraps around the down tube of your bike and just wrap it around that. Then snap it back into place that way you bike does not sway and slam into the other bikes that are on the rack with it.

We will show you the details on the cradles themselves. They are really nice cradles that are molded of rubber that is mounted on to the arms of the bike rack. You can rotate them left or right to suit what ever kind of bike you have. You can also move them in or out for extra spacing on the bikes themselves. Also again they all come with a anti sway device to be a lot more clearer this one goes on the down tube or even the seat tube. Depending on your clearance issues. But you can use them on and works on either side of the bike. We used it on the down tube on this one and it works well. Alright and there you have it for part number A30404TW200 from SportRack.

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