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Review of the Rola Tilting Enclosed Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Today we are going to show you part number 59110 from Rola the tilting enclosed cargo carrier for 2 inch trailer hitches. What this is, is an enclosed cargo carrier working with a 2 inch receiver hitch. It also doubles as a regular cargo carrier. Plus the fact that as a regular cargo carrier, it can fold up and out of the way when you are not using it. We will go ahead and show you how it works. We will go ahead and show you the cargo box itself. It is real nice. As you can see, it is all plastic construction and is also weather tight construction on the door hinge itself. We will go ahead and open it and show you how it works. It has these suitcase type latches that hold everything down and they are lockable. Once you open it up you can see you have plenty of space inside. Also if you get anything inside or just want to wash it out, or what not, there is a plug in here to drain it. This cargo carrier can hold 13 and a 1/2 cubit feet of cargo inside of it.

Also you can tell on the lid itself it has a very thick foam weather seal on top here. It is probably around 3/8 inch deep and you can see it does press against the edge of the cargo carrier itself, so it is practically a waterproof seal. Alright, and to lock up your valuables, go ahead and just latch it down. It comes with 2 sets of keys and go ahead and lock them into place. There you have it and it is ready to go. And also on the back, connecting the box to the tray, it is also lockable too, with the same style of latches. Now we will go ahead and take off the cargo box and we will go back down to the regular tray set up. You just undo the latches on the back of the cargo carrier and you just lift it right up and out of the way. And now that we have it down to the regular tray, you can use it as any other regular cargo carrier. Plus you have tie downs here to put down your tie down equipment. When you have it this way, this is the part where you can actually tilt it up.

There are a couple of pins back here on the backside that you can unsnap and tilt it up and out of the way. This pin you just have to take out one on each side. Once you have the pins out, you can go ahead and tilt it up and out of the way when you are not using it when you travel down the road. And when you put it back up, then you simply put the pins back into place. And also, the cargo carrier comes with a 4 pole flat to plug into your wiring harness on your vehicle and it has complete lights on the back of the cargo carrier. We will go ahead and show you the lights that come complete. You have your running lights, you have the left turn, and your right turn, and of course your brake lights. We are going to do a couple quick measurements starting at the most narrow point. Basically at the bottom you are looking at 22 inches and then from the top edge to the top edge on the inside it looks like about 25 inches. The length on the bottom at the most narrow is about 48 inches.

Then on the inside edge to inside edge on the top you are looking at about 51 inches. Now we will cover a couple of measurements on the cargo carrier itself. From inside edge to inside edge at the most narrow point it looks like 20 and 1/4 inches. The length of it in the middle is 46 and 3/4. From the bottom to the bottom edge on top here is 15 and 7/8. And also what is nice about this cargo carrier is a couple of nice details. Built into the middle of the cargo tray on the bottom here, is mounts where you can actually screw in your license plate. Because in this case, obviously, it is going to cover up the plate. In most states you will want the plate on the outside so you can simply screw it in backside here. It has plastic built in, it is ready to go to accept the screws to hold the license plate. And also there is a mount here, you can see 2 narrow little starter holes here. You can actually add a light to it to go ahead and illuminate the license place for a very long road trip. Alright, and there you have it for part number 59110 from Rola, the tilting enclosed cargo carrier for 2 inch trailer hitches.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Andrea Faulk 02/27/2014

I see that the top locks so you can keep the stuff inside the,carrier safe. But the video showed how easy it was to take the cargo carrier itself off. Is there a locking system that isnt being shown on this video that will stop someone from walking off with the entire container?2956

Reply from Patrick B 02/27/2014

There is a similar set of latches on the rear of the box that secure the box to the platform. They lock with the same key that the top latches use to secure the lid. Check out the photos we have on the 1-1/4 inch version, part 59108. 2166

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