Erickson Motorcycle Ramp Review

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Review of the Erickson Motorcycle Ramp

Today we are going to show you part number EM07420 from Erickson. What we have here is the 6 foot straight loading ramp constructed out of galvanized steel and there is a pair that comes with this part number. The rating for them is 1,600 pounds. We will go ahead and cover some of the fine points of these ramps. Basically we will show you what pieces you need to put together and the components that come with it. Alright first off the ramps themselves are 12 inches wide by 72 inches long. There is some assembly required. It will have these 2 main beams and you do have to install all these rungs in the ramp. Also these 2 parts that resides lay on top of the tailgate when you use it. There is also this latch on strap here on the side of the ramp. This hook actually will go into a hole on the backside of the ramp underneath. That way you can stack them 2 by 2 beside each other. It also comes with this strap right here to attach to your truck and the other half goes to the ramp so you can tie it onto your truck so it will not go anywhere when you are loading up your motorcycle or whatnot.

We will go ahead and demonstrate the typical use of this product and basically start off with this strap. We are going to go ahead and hook it up to hitch on the bottom of our vehicle here. Now ideally we are going to do it to the hitch. However, you can also catch the bottom edge of your bumper or frame, somewhere in the center vehicle. It actually does a lot. It keeps the ramp from coming back off so make sure the hook is secured and snug. From there on out the ramp will not go anywhere. Next we can lower our tailgate and install our ramp. At this point we can go ahead and load up our motorcycle. Once you have your motorcycle in and strapped down you can take your secure strap and attach it to the ramp. It takes up very little room and you can store it right next to the motorcycle in the bed of your truck. There you have it for part number EM07420, 6 foot straight loading ramp made out of galvanized steel.

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