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Access Truck Bed Accessories - Cargo Organizers - A60085 Review

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Review of the Agricover Access Storage Pocket

Today we are going to show you part number A60085 from Agricover. What we have here is the Access Storage Pocket. The storage pockets actually install within the well itself and go back toward the tailgate and not up on one of the pillars there. As you can see here, we have them laying in their respective positions. Also, what is nice about these storage pockets is they will work in conjunction with the Easy Retriever, and that part number is 50710. And we will show you how they work together. It has two little notches in it to lay your Easy Retriever in. So you can store light-duty materials in there with the tailgate up, and you also have two notches available for that purpose - one here, and one here.

All right, we will actually load it up with a few little items. For instance, you may have a work truck this might come in handy for. You might have some chemicals you might want to keep in the back of your truck, or if you have some towing accessories that might fit in there, too. That way, it is staying back here and not rattling around in the back of your pickup truck or inside the cab itself. All right, next we will show you how the unit gets installed. It is pretty easy, really.

As you can see, there is a little bracket right here. And what this does is, this part here gets attached to the pillar right here - to this pillar. And you can adjust this back and forth as you need to match the well itself, so the whole unit stays in a straight line going back. And once you have that marked on your bed [in this case, it actually sits almost all the way in], you can use these self-tapping screws and then just simply drill right into the bed of the truck. Put one back here, and there is also one that gets installed up here. And there are three holes that suit the type of truck you have. And basically, you can install it in any way spot that works best, too. And there you have it for part number A60085 from Agricover, the Access Storage Pocket.

Dennis G.


Will it hold a Yamaha EF2000 generator? Dimensions are 19.3” long, 11.0” wide 17.9” high.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


Likely it will not, I did measure this and the overall length is 36 inches, by and it measures 4 inches at the 90 bend. So it would not be wide enough for your generator.

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