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Best Ski and Snowboard Rack Options

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Best Ski and Snowboard Rack Options

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at the best options available for your ski and snowboard carriers. A lot of factors go into choosing this, and we have a couple of options for you. We have both hitch and roof options. Some things you may want to consider are the size of your skis, the length of your skis, budget and how much is it going to affect the height of my vehicle.For those of you who already have hitches and hanging style bike racks, an option for you maybe the Thule Tram Ski and Snowboard Carrier that you see here. Utilizing the existing cradles, simply set it down and strap it into place, and it's sturdy and ready to go. This carries up to six skis or four snowboards.

I also inaudible 00:00:35 roof rack counterpart is going to be the padding that surrounds both the snowboards as well as the skis. It's going to help to protect it and make sure they don't get damaged once they're being installed. They also have these convenient large push buttons on the end for ease of access when you need them, as well as locks to secure them so they can't be tampered with or stolen.Another advantage to this is going to be the ease of access. Once you get to your destination, it's right here. You don't have to reach up onto the roof to get anything.

However, it does free up space to your roof to install roof boxes or baskets to carry your boots, luggage or other items.A potential concern you may come across though is depending on how low the hitch or the bike rack sits to the ground, you're going to have conditions that you may have road dirt and grime hitting the skis and snowboards, possibly damaging as you travel. That's just something to keep in mind.If you don't have a hitch attached to your vehicle, another option might be the roof option. Right now, we have an Aftermarket Roof Rack attached to the vehicle. Now, this will also work with factory roof racks and there's some that work with naked roofs as well, but we'll get to that a little bit later.On our vehicle right now, we have the Rhino Rack Ski and Snowboard Carrier installed. Like the hitch version, this does have a nice thick padding to go around the skis and snowboards to protect it from scratches and abrasions, locks in place and has a large button for ease of access.

This simply clamps around your existing roof rack system with the bolts, and comes with an included tool to tighten everything down.This does come in different sizes or lengths, so you can carry down to two but have space on the other side for other accessories. Plus, this has a year around use meaning you don't have to just use it for skis or snowboards. You can also use this for fishing poles.An advantage this has over the hitch mounted one is that you don't have to worry as much about the length of the snowboards or the skis as you would with the one hanging down near the road. Also, we have full access to the rear hatch if need be. For skis with tall bindings, we do offer solutions for that as well.

There's the FatCat EVO 6 from Yakima. One thing to consider with the roof rack option also is the fact that these are going to be exposed to the elements the entire time of your trip. Road dirt, grime, salt, all that stuff can gather on these.Now, another way to look at it is as soon as you get home, you can just simply wipe them off and everything's going to be okay. If it's truly something that bothers you, an option you might want to consider is going to be the cargo box, which is becoming more and more popular among skiers and snowboarders primarily because everything is enclosed. Not only can you put your skis and snowboards inside it, but you can also put your boots, luggage, anything you want to keep from outside from the inside of your vehicle.Today, we have the Thule Force on our vehicle. Like most cargo boxes, this does have a nice aerodynamic shape to it, which is going to cut down wind noise and drag unlike the other roof racks that you saw earlier, which will actually cause more noise due to their shape and size. A lot of the cargo boxes, like this one, can open from either side. You can put them more towards the passenger's or driver's side, whichever side you feel more comfortable loading all of your gear up.Also, they do lock for security purposes. They attach by simply clamping around your existing roof rack system, so they're a little bit easier to install as opposed to the other ski and snowboard carrier roof racks that you saw earlier. Unlike the other roof racks, you have full hatch access. In this case, as you see, we have no issues of clearance between the box and the hatch itself, although they are adjustable back and forth. Also, in some cases, you may need to remove the rear antenna if it makes contact with the box as well. That's something to think about also.After opening up the box, you can see how much space we have to work with. On the inside here, we have 17 cubic feet of space to work with. You can see we already have our skis and snowboards loaded up, and there's still plenty of room for your boots, for your luggage and other items. This cargo box does come with tie downs so you can secure everything into place with ease.Now, given the height of this cargo box, one concern might be the clearance with your garage. We do offer more low profile cargo boxes such as the Inno Wedge or narrow ones such as the Yakima RocketBox. These are geared more towards just ski and snowboard carriers and nothing much else.Another thing to take note with the cargo boxes is going to be the length of your skis. This is where the length of your skis really matters. Unlike the other roof rack styles where you didn't have to worry about it as much, because you had a little bit more freedom because it was in an open space.In conclusion, with the three options that we went over today, the two that I'm going to recommend are going to be the roof options mainly because you can still have rear hatch access with both of them, and the versatility of the box that we looked at just now. One of the reasons I recommend the cargo box above all is its versatility. Its ability to carry not only the skis and snowboards, but also the luggage and the stinky boots after you're done going on the slopes. However, if you're just looking for a ski and snowboard carrier, you're just hitting the slopes that day, the Rhino Rack is perfect for that situation. Also, you still have full hatch access with both of those options.With that, we hope that makes your purchasing decision easier for your ski and snowboard carrier.