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Best RV Vent and Fans Options

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Best RV Vent and Fans Options

Speaker 1: Whether you have an enclosed trailer, a horse trailer, an RV, or camper ventilation is important. Vents and fans can let in fresh air, help eliminate odors, and can relieve humidity from your RV shower. Without vents in your trailer or camper the air can get stale pretty quickly. Vents keep you cool and dry. They're also going to protect you against gases like propane, or from fumes when working inside an enclosed trailer.Now, usually these are going to be replacements or upgrades to your OEM vent, but you may also find yourself installing a new one on your enclosed trailer, or horse trailer. Here at we have a wide selection of vents and fans to meet your needs.

Basic roof vents like this one here offer a flat, low profile metal cover that can be opened to reveal a screened section. The cover is operated manually on the inside with a knob. The screen is going to allow fresh air in, while letting heat out. It's also going to prevent any unwanted pests from getting on the inside. Because of the metal lid they will not let light in.

They're generally made out of a galvanized steel so they're not going to rust or corrode.You can also opt for a vent with a dome. This is going to allow water to run off, prevent ice damming, the benefit to you is less leaks in your trailer. Most domes are translucent white or tinted. This will let in some light. That way you don't have to completely rely on your interior lights.

They have the same open/close design as the metal covers. They also have the same screen for airflow and pest control.The next step up is a domed vent with a powered fan. These wire directly into your RV or trailer's 12 volt system. You get all the same benefits as a standard dome vent but with the power to move air. This can be especially beneficial on a hot summer day or in a trailer without AC.

Some models offer remote control so you can lift the vent and run the fan without leaving the comfort of your chair.Powered fans help quickly eliminate odors and humidity which is why often most people have them in their RV's bathroom. Some fan motors are reversible, so depending on the size of your rig you can choose to operate multiple fans to have one pull air in, and then another to push air out for maximum circulation. Powered vents generally come with all the hardware you need to install them, whereas the standard vents may not.A rain shield can be purchased for any of these three types of vents. This will allow you to continue using your vent in any type of weather. Deluxe fans generally have all the same features as vents with powered fans. Additionally, they can add multiple speeds to the fan, and they can also have a thermostat to regulate airflow. These often feature a built-in rain shield. Most roof vents will fit a standard 14 by 14 inch opening. However, there are some different shapes and sizes, such as this round one here. This one features a smaller opening but still has a fan. Additionally, specialty vents can be purchased for components in RV's such as the range, refrigerator, or battery box.Basic room vents can help regulate temperature by letting fresh air in and heat out while also providing ventilation. The metal construction will hold up better in the elements. These are good for your enclosed trailers. Dome covers will help the water run off, and also let in light. These are good for your enclosed trailers, smaller campers, and RV's. Powered fans add to your vent by increasing air flow and circulation. These are a good choice for larger RV's and campers, and people who work out of their enclosed trailer. Deluxe vents have all the bells and whistles and are a premium choice. There are specialty vents available for more specific needs.We hope this helps you in selecting a vent or a vent fan combination.

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