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Best Roof Box Options

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Best Roof Box Options

Speaker 1: Whether your family of seven is going on vacation, or you're planning a weekend camping trip with some friends, cargo space can be a premium in any vehicle. Cargo boxes can help you get the most out of your vehicle's available space without blocking your rear view. You can add between nine and 22 cubic feet of storage space. You want a cargo box over a cargo basket for carrying fragile or valuable items that you want to keep secure and don't want exposed to the elements. For luggage, golf clubs, or skis, that you want to keep secure, dry, and clean, a cargo box is for you.In all instances, you'll need a roof rack system installed on your vehicle before you can install your cargo box. Entry level roof boxes are great for hauling sports equipment and camping gear on your roof rack system.

These are not the easiest to install, nor are they the largest. But, you will like the entry level cost and protection they offer your gear. These boxes have fixed mounting locations meaning you'll have to adjust your roof rack system to fit the box, rather than vice versa. In instances like with naked roof mounted racks, where you cannot adjust the position of your cross bars, these boxes might not always fit. To save on cost, entry level cargo boxes attach with u-bolts and hand knobs.

They are also made with a lightweight plastic construction.Access to these boxes is usually only available on the passenger side, but some also open from the rear, like this one. Some entry level boxes don't stay open on their own. Instead, they use prop rods. Because you only have access to one side of the box, you'll want to be careful about where you position them on your roof rack system. With entry level boxes you may have to supply your own padlock to secure your gear.

They're not the most aerodynamic of boxes, and due to their size, you won't be able to carry skis, snowboards, and other elongated items.As with all roof-mounted accessories, you'll want to be sure to be aware of the height you've added to your vehicle. A premium roof box is going to give you more customer friendly features. You'll find that they're more durable, rigid, and have a thicker plastic construction. These boxes are easier to install due to their integrated clamps. They can be positioned anywhere along the track inside the box, without you having to adjust your roof rack system.

The rubber coated clamps then tighten around your crossbar. These boxes are longer, and you'll want to consider that when placing them on your roof. The further back you place them the great risk you run of your box interfering with your rear hatch. To account for this, most premium roof boxes have an undercut rear for more clearance.Because they're longer, in some instances, you may have to remove your antenna. Usually these boxes open from either side, letting you position it anywhere on your roof rack system as needed. This will allow you to get your gear out from either side of your vehicle, depending on your parking situation. With these, they're spring loaded for easier opening. You will like the integrated locks to secure your valuables. Often they have a safety feature where you cannot remove the key until your box is fully locked. So, if the key is in your hand you know your belongings are safe.Look for these boxes in a low profile, or narrow design, if you're hauling skis, snowboards, fishing rods, or any other elongated items. They'll often have straps so you can secure your cargo. The low profile design means it's more aerodynamic but you might be limited to the height of what you can carry. So, luggage and golf clubs might be out. Here we've got three sets of skis, some luggage, a tent, sports equipment, and camping chairs. And there's room for even more. These will be less aerodynamic than low profile boxes, but still more aerodynamic than entry level boxes.With all roof boxes, you want to be sure not to exceed the weight capacity of your roof, your roof rack system, or the box. And you always want to be aware of that extra height. In summary, entry level roof boxes, with their limited features are great for occasional use when transporting gear you want protected from the elements. If you will be using your roof box more often, especially if you plan on taking it on and off a lot, a premium roof box has the features for you. Pick up a medium or high profile box if you want to carry gear in addition to these items. We hope this helps you in choosing a roof cargo box for your vehicle.

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