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Best Roof Bike Rack Options

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Best Roof Bike Rack Options

Speaker 1: A roof-mounted bike rack is a good choice if you don't want a hitch or can't have a hitch on your vehicle but you still want to carry bikes, or you have a hitch, but you want to keep it free for towing or other accessories, or you want to keep your bike racks on your vehicle at all times, or finally, you just want to access your rear door, hatch or trunk without having to remove your bikes.The first style we'll be showing you are the fork-mounted roof bike racks. Your bike is held in place at the fork. A skewer clamp securely holds it in place, eliminating sway. Your rear tire is held in place with a strap, the strap is adjustable along the tray for different wheel-bases.This style of bike rack is recommended for composite frames. You won't have to worry about any frame contact. Keep in mind the rack must match your bike's forks.

You may need an adaptor for different fork sizes, or through-axle bikes, or for bikes with disc brakes.You will have to store your front wheel. You can do so in your trunk or rear hatch, or we do have roof-mounted wheel carriers here at like fork mounts because they secure your bike at a lower point and they're more stable than other options. With the front wheel removed, they're also easier to load and unload.With frame-mounted roof bike racks, an arm holds your bike in place by its frame. Frame mounts are great if you cannot or don't want to remove your bikes front wheel. Because it doesn't secure your bike at the fork, it'll carry most bikes, including those with disc brakes or even bikes with large forks, such as downhill bikes.Keep in mind, because it makes frame contact, it is not recommended for bikes with composite frames.

Customers like that there's no need to remove the front wheel, therefore there's no need to store it. Frame-mounted bike racks are less stable than fork-mounted bike racks, but are more stable than wheel-mounted bike racks.If you like the idea of a frame-mount but don't want the frame contact, consider a wheel mount. You can still leave a wheel in place, in fact you need to because this is how it secures your bike. The wheel-holders adjustable for a wide variety of tire sizes. Just like with frame-mounts, you can carry a wide variety of bikes, including those with disc brakes and large forks.Keep in mind however, because of the way that it secures your bike, it will not work with bikes with fenders.

Customers like how there's no frame contact and that they don't have to remove their front wheel. Because you're lifting up a full bike and because of the way that it secures, both frame-mounted and wheel-mounted bike racks are more difficult to load and unload compared to fork-mounted.You can even find roof bike racks for specialty bikes such as fat bikes, recumbent or tandem bikes.Next we'll show you what you can do if you don't have a roof rack. Suction or vacuum cup roof bike racks are perfect if you can't have or don't want a roof rack but still want a roof bike rack. They're great for sports cars and other high-end vehicles. Customers are concerned that the vacuum cups will stay attached.

They have a pull strength rating of up to 220 pounds per cup. As you can see in this demonstration from Sea Sucker, it's not going anywhere.Some things to keep in mind. With all but the vacuum cup mounted racks, you will need to have a roof rack installed first. Most fork, frame, and wheel-mounted racks have the option for locks or cables to secure your bike. T-track mounted racks can even be locked to the roof rack. With vacuum cups however, you will have to purchase an adapter that allows you to secure your bike to your vehicle with a cable lock.In summery, fork mounts are your traditional option. Customers like them because they secure at a lower point, they hold your bike more firmly than other options. Some customers even admit to liking them just because they look cooler on their roof. Frame mounts are best if you cannot or don't want to remove your front wheel and you don't have a composite frame to worry about clamping to. Wheel mounts are best if you cannot or don't want to remove your front wheel and you are concerned about clamping to your composite frame. Vacuum cup mounts are great for vehicles that have no roof rack fit, like sports cars and other high-end vehicles.We've got lots of roof-mounted bike racks here at We hope this helps you in making a decision.