Best Jumper Cable and Starters Options

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Best Jumper Cable and Starters Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be going over a few different options to help you when jump starting your vehicle. We have a wide selection here at, we'll hopefully help you decide what best suits your needs.On this side you're gonna have your more traditional of battery to battery. One this side is gonna be an alternative style. These here are gonna be your typical jumper cables, heavy gauge for a quick jump start. This style is easy to use, you just clamp one batter to another. An upgrade from the conventional style, you get cables with a polarity protection, this is gonna help keep you from hooking your batteries up wrong.

Some of the upgrades may come with a carrying bag and a corrosion brush.This here is gonna be a semi permanent option, which is gonna attach directly to you battery. Now if you find yourself jump starting a lot of vehicle for instance, farm equipment or construction equipment this may be a better option for you. This is your pug side which you're either gonna attach under your hood or down by your grill. It also has a cap dust cover so when it comes time to jump start your vehicle or equipment you just take your two ends, plug them together.So now going from your typical battery to battery connection you have the alternative styles. This is your typical jump box, the jump box's are great because you don't need a second vehicle for a jump start.

We have other options here at, we can give you several different hookups. For instance the DC hook up or USB. Now this is gonna be more of a portable style, not only will it jumpstart your vehicle but you can also charge your electronic devices. This style's gonna come with a carrying case that can easily be store in a glove box. Now this is gonna be another compact style which requires two vehicles.

However it doesn't go battery to battery, it goes DC outlet to DC outlet for an easy, quick jump.In summary, if you're looking for easy to use, basic style jumper cable to keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency you want to go with a conventional style, which will be straight battery to battery connection. If you want to protect from improper hookup then you'll want to go with a polarity protection option, which will help protect from sparking when improperly hooked up, in turn protecting your battery.Bulldog quick connect is a great option for a semi-permanent set up anytime you find yourself often jumping multiple vehicles, such as on a construction site or farm. The jump box style is a great option anytime you may not have a second vehicle when needing a jump. It's a great tool to have around your garage or shop, and can easily be transported when needed. The jump starter power bank is a great compact device which is ideal for someone with limited space but always on the go.

It allows you to charge you vehicle battery and all your devices while traveling. The Easy Quick Jumper allows you to safely jump start your vehicle by simply plugging in to your 12 volt outlet. This would be great for anyone who's cautious around a car battery and wants to be prepared when needed to jumpstart their vehicle.Hopefully this will help you decide which best suits your needs when jump starting your vehicle.

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