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Best Goosneck Fifth Wheel Adapters

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Best Goosneck Fifth Wheel Adapters

Today, we're going to be taking a look at the different types of fifth wheel and gooseneck adapters. We're trying to give you the information you're going to need to decide which set up is going to be best for your situation.Now, they need for these arise when we have, let's say, a gooseneck hitch in our truck but we need to haul a fifth wheel camper or vice versa. We've got a fifth wheel rail set in our truck, but we need to haul that gooseneck trailer.On this side, we've got a few representatives of the adapters available to convert your truck over to use with the trailer. On this side, our second option, just because it's a little bit more of a permanent thing that you're going to do to the trailer, are going to be adapting the trailer over to work with your truck.Now, the adapters designed to work in the truck are our preference just because they're more adaptable. With any of these, we're able to put them in our truck, meet our needs to haul our trailer, but then we can take these right back out and be right back with whatever we started with.When you're trying to go from a gooseneck connection, to a fifth wheel connection, if you don't have any of the equipment, if you don't have the rails, if you don't have the fifth wheel hitch itself, then an all-on-one unit like the Companion here, there's another available for Draw-tite, it's going to be an excellent solution. It's all made as one unit, it's made to work together, and with the BMW, they've got a slider option, they've got an option for a flatbed truck, so plenty of versatility here.

We're able to put this in, we know it's going to work and when we're done, we can take it out.Now with this, you're going to see that post that sticks down. That's going to be what actually connects us to the gooseneck. Again, BMW are going to be squared, other goosenecks are going to be round but that's going to slide down in, our pins going to go through and we'll be able to secure it to our bed.On these models, you're typically going to have alignment rails that are going to run front to back and sit down in corrugation. Makes it really handy to help prevent any of the twisting that you might have.Now, when when we look at our fifth wheel rail plates that are designed to work with gooseneck hitches, these are going to be for a person that already has a fifth wheel hitch, and just needs the rails to put it down in. You can see this one's got the square tube for the BMW but they're also round tubes available for the different types of goosenecks out there.Then at this point, you're just going to put your fifth wheel hitch down in and pin it in as you would in any normal rail set.

Most of these styles are going to have rubber pads, kind of, at the end of each rail. Those are going to be sandwiched in between and give us a good grip so we can help prevent any rotating or turning that we might have.Now if you're trying to do the opposite of that, if you have fifth wheel rails in your truck and you're trying to get it to work with a gooseneck, we've got the two and five 16th's inch ball plates. They're all going to be rated about the same, there's several of them available. Those are going to slide right down into your fifth wheel rails, you'll put pins through them, you'll have a gooseneck ball there ready to tow.These are available with and without off set so if you have a shorter bed truck, you can bring that ball back a little bit, eight foot bed truck, you can bring it up a little bit if you need to.Now we can look at the types that are designed to modify the trailer.This is going to be a pin box replacement. So what this does, is it's going to replace the kingpin that sits on the front.

They're available for several different pin boxes, but it allows this to come down in the bed of the truck and grab right onto the gooseneck ball.Now, rather than doing a complete pin box replacement, which once you do, you're probably not going to switch it in and out, you do have an adapter design to slide up on the kingpin and still allow you to use a gooseneck hitch. This one in particular, which is the Convertible, uses a sleeve that you're going to attach to the kingpin and then you'll attach this using the set screws to that.This will allow it to be put on and taken off a little bit more easily then some of the other varieties like this available. You'll see it's got the round hole here on the bottom, two and five 16ths inch ball will fit in there nicely. And then you've got your locking arm here on the side.All of these, and the different styles, are going to be height adjustable so you can bring these in and out to customize them to your trailer. This is available in a straight, like you see or in an offset if you need a little bit more space and this can be bolted directly up to your pin box if you'd prefer not to have the adapter, you can bolt it up directly.However, when you're using the off set, you will be required to bolt it in place.Now, if we're trying to do the opposite of that, let's say we have a gooseneck trailer that we're trying to convert to a fifth wheel truck, we do have the option of the replacement inner tube on that gooseneck.

Its got a outer tube that comes down and then you're gooseneck tube fits up and inside of it.We can replace those. Again, several options available. Now, once we remove our old gooseneck tube, this is going to slide up into position. We have several areas there for bolts so we can get it pretty close to where we need it and then, you'll see that it's just going to give us a kingpin and plate down here on the bottom so, this is going to slide right into a standard fifth wheel hitch and we'll be able to haul it down the road.We prefer to adapt the truck to the trailer. When you adapt your trailer over to a particular style of hitch, it takes more work to switch these back and forth. If you've got a fifth wheel in your truck and that's all you're every going to have and you want a gooseneck trailer that you can hook into a fifth wheel, this would be a good option but if you're going to have different trailers or different trucks, the truck bed adapter's are definitely the ideal solution so you could switch back and forth without much trouble.And that's going to complete our look at the different types of fifth wheel and gooseneck adapters. We have hope the information's helpful into deciding which one's going to work out the best for you.

Questions and Comments about this Video

I have a curt gooseneck in the bed of my short bed truck. Can a B&W fifth wheel hitch work with this curt ball?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Les D.

Sure, the B&W Companion Fifth Wheel hitches mount to your gooseneck ball. Let me know the year make model of your truck, along with bed length, for a specific recommendation.

Fred D.
I bought a 1998 Dodge 1 ton , with 5th wheel goose neck attached to the bed already ! But is heavily structurally connected, also below the bed of the truck, to the 2 frames! And like 1-2 ton davits or mini cranes for the back of a truck bed ! You better support it to one of the frames, or will bend the bed and tail gate!
Matt G.
I just bought a 5th wheel 40' trailer and it has a rotoflex hitch , I have a gooseneck hook-up in my truck with a 6.5 bed is there an adapter to go from the trailer to the truck and if so what type and how much?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

If your 5th wheel trailer has a tapered nose then you might be able to use the Demco Recon Adapter # DM8550045 to work with your current gooseneck hitch. Aside from that we'll either need to figure out what gooseneck hitch is on your truck and see if there is an adapter, or you will need to swap out your pin box for one that can be used with an adapter that hooks up to the pin box.

I have 2006 F350 dually. I have a gooseneck. What kind of adapter do i need to connect 5th wheel?
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

The Demco Recon # DM8550045 is a great option as long as you have the long bed (to make sure your trailer doesn't contact your truck cab). For a short bed you could use the adapter # CAB-C5GX1216 . If you let me know what gooseneck hitch you have I can see if any of our other adapters would work better or give you more 5th wheel hitch options.

I like the video, please I have a ram 3500 2015 that comes with gooseneck hitch turn over ball And I want to install 5th wheel to my vehicle but I might still need to pick up a goose neck trailer also , please what do I need to do thanks.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

If your Ram is equipped with the Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch then a perfect solution exists with the B&W Companion # BWRVK3500 or the slider version # BWRVK3400 (if you have the short bed). The Companion will mount right to the existing gooseneck ball hole in your truck to provide you with one of the best 5th wheel hitches on the market. When it's time to tow a gooseneck trailer again (or just clear your truck bed), simply remove the Companion and the gooseneck hitch is still ready to go.

Lesley B.
Thank you for an easy explanation. I am needing to convert my gooseneck over to a new vehicle with a 5th wheel hitch. The able sleeve looks a great and easy way to achieve this without costing an arm and a leg. Thanks for giving me some options. I have an 2015 Iveco Daily. Previous to this I was using a 1977 F350 . Cheers Lesley