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Best 2022 Toyota Highlander Towing Mirror Options

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Best 2022 Toyota Highlander Towing Mirror Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're gonna be checking out our best towing mirror options for 2022 Toyota Highlander. When it comes to picking out a towing mirror for the Highlander, there's a ton of different choices out there, and so the purpose of this video is to kinda just try to simplify things, and I grabbed five towing mirrors that I think are really good fits for the Toyota so we're just gonna kinda run through them. And I kinda broke 'em down into two different categories. So these two mirrors, and the one that we also have on our Highlander. These here all have like rubber straps here that essentially just kind of clip on.

And these are both gonna be CIPA brand mirrors. This one's a dual lens, and this one's a single lens. These two, we have a single lens and a dual lens, these are both case horse mirrors. And these ones have a little different design, these actually have ratcheting type straps, if you will, that secure the mirror to your Highlander's factory mirror. And the one that we have actually installed today this is also a CIPA, and kinda similar to the other ones, single lens, and it just uses these straps that kinda go around it.

So, why don't we kind of check 'em out individually and break 'em down, and see what one is gonna be best for you. So right off the bat, if I had to kinda pick one that I would probably lean to the most to use for my own Highlander, would probably be one of these two, one of the case horses that have the ratcheting straps. And I really say that because the ratcheting straps are just gonna provide a little more security, you know, it's gonna stay on the the factory mirror a little bit better. In terms of fitment you know, compared to all the other ones, one don't really have a huge advantage over the next. The ratcheting strap is just what really makes me lean towards these.

And that's because with these universal tow mirrors, I mean, you are gonna get some vibration and rattle, not a ton, you know, they all fit pretty good on the Highlander so, probably not enough to really, you know, drive you crazy, but these are gonna have less, I almost guarantee that. So, that's what makes me kinda lean towards one of these two. And from there, I mean, really it's just personal preference on what type of lens you like having, the single lens or the dual lens. I'm kinda partial to the dual lens 'cause the Highlander, the OEM mirror is actually pretty big, and you know, I just like having this secondary mirror here kinda you can cover more ground and see a few more things, but you know, it just depends on what you're gonna be pulling too, you know, if you have a big camp or something, and a single lens might work a little bit better for you, then by all means, that's probably the better option for you. But with that said, you know, that's not to say that the strap on type mirrors aren't gonna work.

You know what I mean They're still gonna work just fine, I just think that the ratcheting one has a slight advantager but really again, this is one of these types of things where it's gonna be your personal preference. I do like kind of the style of 'em, the adjustability. This CIPA one here you can, you can actually spread the arms apart, and you know, it's really universal, so, one of these might be beneficial to you. If you plan on, you know, putting 'em on different vehicles, you know, a couple of other cars, maybe you have two vehicles that you tow with, something like that might be a good choice just 'cause, you know, you can spread it apart and really give yourself a lot of adjustability. This one here, this is a CIPA, this is a really popular one, and I think it's because it's just so simple, you know, there's really nothing to it here, and it just works. You know, you're able to adjust that lens, it'll fit just about every vehicle. I mean, I've put a lot of these on a lot of different cars, and this one ends up fitting the majority of 'em. There's a couple here and there, but, that's just with anything, you know. And we'll go ahead and just take a quick peek at our CIPA on the car, and see how that works. So this CIPA one that we actually have on our car, I just put it on here to give you an idea of how it's gonna look. The ratcheting type ones, they're gonna look very similar. You know, the shape of the factory mirror kinda lets all of them work pretty well. With all of 'em you are gonna lose some adjustability, so if you we're to move the lens back and forth, at the end of all the sweeps, at the end of the sweep you're gonna make a little bit of contact with all of 'em, but not really a huge deal. You know, you're still gonna be able to maintain all those spots that that you would typically use anyway. Or in the past you thought, you know, if you're super tall or super short and have your mirror at an extreme angle, what I found too, a lot of times you can have that adjusted how you want it, and then put your mirror on and kinda work around it that way, so, just wanna kinda give you a visual. Really, the only difference with this one compared to the others, is you have some, you know, this part's adjustable too, so kinda like that dual lens one we talked about earlier with the straps. This might be a good choice for you if you have couple different cars you want to use this for as well. So kind of moving back to our ratcheting type mirrors. I just wanna give you a better look at how these are actually gonna work. So when these clamp around you can, you know, take the slack out like this, and then you can actually crank that up a couple times to kinda go that extra mile and keep it tight. This isn't gonna damage your factory lens in any way. The foot there I guess you could call it, has a thick, pretty thick rubber coating on it. Same deal with this portion of the strap, and when that's on there, this part's plastic, but generally speaking, since it sits up a little bit higher it's gonna kinda clear your mirror. So, nothing to worry about there as far as that goes. The strap on type ones, they're just gonna be completely rubber. And all the straps are about the same quality, you know, they hold up decent. If you're gonna be using it a lot or you know, you just leave it on your vehicle parked or something, the sun might eventually kinda beat these things up, but you know, every now and again, kinda during the seasonal times you use these, and take decent care of 'em, they should hold up for a while. But other than that, you know, they're all really comparable. Like I said, I feel like these have a slight advantage but, it's really just gonna come down to, you know, how much you use your mirror, what you're looking to get out of it, and really just your personal preference. And that'll finish up our look-at of our best towing mirror options for your Toyota Highlander. Hope this video helps you out, and it makes your decision a little bit easier to pick out what towing mirror is gonna be best for your setup..

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