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Best 2021 Ford Escape Flat Tow Set Up - Tow Bar Wiring

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Best 2021 Ford Escape Flat Tow Set Up - Tow Bar Wiring

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at our best flat tow setup options for your 2021 Ford Escape. Before we start talking about some of the different types of setups that we can use to flat tow our Escape, let's go over the main components that we're gonna need in the first place. The first one is going to be your base plate. And that's going to provide us with a solid and reliable connection point. That way, we can hook our tow bar up to it.

Tow bar is gonna be at second component. And this is gonna be the physical link that connects the front of your Escape to the back of your motorhome. The third main component is going to be safety cables. And these are there in the event of an unlikely disconnect. These are gonna keep everything paired together.

The fourth main component is going to be tow bar wiring. And what that's gonna do is transfer the lighting functions from the back of your motorhome to the back of your Ford. And last but not least, the fifth main component is going to be a braking system. And what this is gonna do is apply the brakes in your SUV whenever you hit the brakes in your RV, helping bring you to a safe and predictable stop. And there is one more component that I would recommend whenever you're flat towing your Escape, and that's what's called a brake light relay.

And I say that because without a brake light relay, what would happen is your brake signal would override your turn signal. So, to help simplify it, let's say, maybe if you're at a stoplight turning left, so you got your left turn signal going. How it should work is back here, the left turn signal should be on, and the other side, your brake light, since you're sitting still at that red light. Well, what happens is without the brake light relay, the brake signal would override the turn signal. So, in your motorhome, you'd have your brake on and your left turn going.

But back here, you would just have brake lights, and that can be really confusing. So, by using a brake light relay, that's gonna correct that issue and allow everything to work the way it should. Now that we established all of our main components, let's kinda talk about the setup that we have here today. And honestly, if I was pulling an Escape behind my motorhome, I would go probably with this exact setup, if not very similar. It looks really good and it's going to work awesome. Let's kinda run through everything one by one and see what we're working with here. On our Escape, we have the Roadmaster Direct-Connect base plate kit. A Big fan of this one, it looks really good. You know, when you're not using it, it blends in really well. It doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. And is really gonna help kinda maintain that factory look as much as possible. That's not something you always see with base plates. Sometimes, you really got to hack things up and tear up the front of your car. That's just not the case with this one. You know, it's also gonna be really easy to hook up. And I know that's really important to a lot of people. You don't wanna spend a bunch of time messing around, trying to set up your flat tow whenever you're trying to get on the road. And with these being direct-connect arms, it takes literally a matter of seconds to hook your tow bar up to it and get going. As far as the tow bar goes, the one that we have here today is the Roadmaster Sterling All-Terrain. This is an awesome setup as well. It's a really long tow bar. And so, what that's gonna help with is tracking. You know, how your Escape is actually pulled behind the motorhome. It's really responsive. You know, it puts a good distance in between the two vehicles. It's also super easy to use. You know, it's made from aluminum. The majority of it is. And so, it's a really lightweight, easy to handle. You know, you're not breaking your back. You know, bending over, trying to hook this thing up, so you really can't go wrong there. And it's also non-binding. So, if the arms we're to get in a bind whenever you're trying to disconnect, that can make things tricky. You know, the pins are really tight, it's hard to get out. With this one, if that happens, you simply pull up on the levers, it'll release the tension and make it a lot easier to get everything apart. With that said, you know, you can go one step up over the Sterling. The tow bar that I really like is the Roadmaster Nighthawk. Essentially, very, very similar, but it has a few more bells and whistles. You know, a different color scheme here, and there's actually some LEDs on the side. And it's really a neat setup. If you're looking for more of an intermediate or entry-level type tow bar, the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain too, that's a great choice. We've had a ton of luck with them here. Little more basic, but they still have the features that are really important, like being non-binding and really easy to use. So, I have a few different options there, and honestly, you couldn't go wrong with any of those that I just mentioned. As far as the safety cables are concerned, these are pretty straight forward. You know, as far as these set that we're using today, these are the Roadmaster hybrid cables, so they're, for the most part, straight. And then, here towards the back of the motorhome, they have some coils in them. You know, they're really long actually, so it'll stretch out and give you a little bit of extra length. But honestly, any setup will work just fine, as long as you have it paired up appropriately. Few things to look out for is just the weight capacity. You know, you wanna make sure that they're strong enough to pull your vehicle. And generally speaking, most of them are pretty strong. So, having a relatively light vehicle, you shouldn't be too worried about that there. And there's also different types of safety cables. So, like I said, we have the hybrid where it's straight and coiled. Others are just completely straight. And then you have some that are coiled all the way through. And which ones you wanna use really just depends on the tow bar. If your tow bar has channels in it, like this one does here today, you wanna get the set that is completely straight or this hybrid-type setup. If your tow bar does not have those channels, and it doesn't allow you to run your cables through the tow bar, you're gonna wanna set this completely coiled like this. So, you know, depending on the tow bar, that's gonna kinda determine what type of cables are gonna work best. As far as the wiring goes, there's one kit I always lean towards and that's the Roadmaster diode wiring kit. That's what we're using today on our Escape. And I always lean towards that one because it's really reliable and it just works. You know, we've had a ton of luck with them. Not to mention too, it's super easy to set up. Literally, once you have it installed, all you're gonna have to do is plug in a cord that goes from front of your Ford to the back of your motorhome. So, really, it doesn't take up any time at all there. And it looks really good. You know, you're not even gonna be able to notice anything has changed on your vehicle whenever you're just driving around town like you normally would. With that said, you know, it's not the only option available. There's other types of wiring and lighting as well. One of them would be magnetic lighting. I'm really not too crazy about those. They're gonna require you to set them up and take them off every single time you wanna flat tow. So, you'll have some lights that you can place up on your vehicle. And then you're gonna have to drape wires up, you know, all the way up to the back of your motorhome and plug it in. And not to mention, you know, there's quite a bit of stuff going on there, so you're gonna have a bin of all the stuff that you need to store. And as we all know, when you're over the road, storage is really important. So, going with something like this is definitely the best bet, at least in my opinion. When it comes to the braking system, today on our Ford, we have the Roadmaster InvisiBrake. It's a great kit. It works out really well actually with the Escape. And it's kind of a good all-around breaking system. It doesn't matter what type of motorhome you have. You can have one that has hydraulic brakes or air brakes, the InvisiBrake is gonna work with it. That's not the case with all braking system. So, with the InvisiBrake, it kinda covers all your bases, as far as that is concerned. But that is a permanent-type system, right, so it's gonna stay with the vehicle. If you're someone that wants a portable-type breaking system, there's a few choices. One that I really like is the Brake Buddy Select 3. Really small in size and user friendly. You know, it's easy to figure out and operate. So, that one, you'll have to put inside of the vehicle and take out every time you wanna flat tow. Not really a huge deal 'cause it is so easy. And that might be something, you know, worth looking into, especially if you're someone that, you know, maybe changes their vehicles every few years, or don't do a ton of flat towing, you don't want a permanent-type system in your vehicle. So, it gives you a couple of different choices there and you really can't go wrong with either one. It's just going to kinda depend on your particular situation. And that'll finish up our look at of our best flat tow setup options for your Ford Escape. I hope you find this information useful and it helps you determine which components are gonna be best for your situation..

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