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Best 2020 Ford F-150 Flat Tow Set Up - Tow Bar Wiring

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Best 2020 Ford F-150 Flat Tow Set Up - Tow Bar Wiring

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at our best flat tow setup options for the 2020 Ford F150. So before we get kind of too carried away on what components I recommend, and what we're using here today on our Ford. I figured it would be useful just to kind of go over the basics of the five main components that you're going to need to safely tow your truck down the road. The first one's going to be the base plate, and the base plate is going to provide us with a solid connection point. That way we can hook our tow bar up to it.

Tow bar is going to be at site component, and that's going to be the physical link that connects the front of your truck to the back of your motor home. Third main component is going to be safety cables, and these are there in the event of an unlikely disconnect. They're going to keep your truck and your motor home uh, paired together. The fourth main component is going to be tow bar wiring. And this is going to transfer the lighting signals from the back of your motor home to the back of your F150.

Um, that way you'll not only be safe, but legal as well. And last but not least the fifth main component is going to be a braking system. And the braking system is going to apply the brakes in your truck whenever you hit the brakes in your motor home. And that's just going to help bring you to a more predictable and complete stop. So with all that being said, let's kind of talk about our components one by one here.

So today on our Ford, we have a BlueOx base plate. I like these they're super easy to use and they look good. And as far as the other base plates go for the F-150 they're all going to be very similar. especially in regards to appearance. More or less they're all just going to replace the factory tow hooks.

So they're going to be pretty well hidden whenever you're not using them, and everything is going to be relatively easy to get to. I will say, as well, a determining factor on what type of base plate you may or may not want. It's going to somewhat depend on what type of tow bar you want as well. Cause certain tow bars are compatible with certain base plates. Generally speaking on the same note some tow bars can use adapters and things like that, but that's just kinda you know, gets one more component you're going to have to worry about. So, I do suggest pairing up the same brand together just makes a little easier. Cause who wants to deal with you know, struggling to take things apart like that and everything else And the tow bar is going to have a big role in that. Today we have the BlueOx Avail. I really like this tow bar. It's got a 10,000 pound weight capacity. So more than enough for the truck. So that's especially with the pickup truck something you definitely want to keep, keep in mind. You know, they're a lot heavier than your smaller car SUV. So want to make sure your tow bar has the proper weight capacity. This one's also going to be non-binding. So if the arms get in a bind, it makes it really hard to disconnect. All you're going to have to do is hit these levers, and it'll free itself up. And that's a really important feature. Makes things really easy. And I like this tow bar as well cause it actually comes included with the safety cables. So just one less saying, you're not going to have to worry about picking up separately. You know, the cables are going to be the appropriate length and weight capacity. So it kinda just makes things easy. I will say if you're looking into maybe another tow bar. One that's similar to this has a lot of really cool features and super easy to use, is the Roadmaster Nighthawk. That's a really cool setup as well and definitely worth at least checking out. Now, as far as the tow bar wiring goes. Today we have the Hopkins. It's a pretty nice setup. The wiring is plug and play. So you don't have to splice into the factory harness or anything like that. There's diodes that protect your trucks factory wiring. That way if you have an electrical issue on the motor home side, you're not going to be burning any of your factory wiring up, which is nice. With that particular kit though, the coily cable here and the six-way round connector is not included. You will have to grab that separately if you want to run this particular setup which is really common. Where we can find these parts right here at etrailer. Another great kit that I always recommend is the Roadmaster diode wiring kit. That's a kit you really can't go wrong with as well. We use them a lot here at the shop and rarely have any issues with them. So another option I figured I'd give you that, again is worth checking out. Now as far as the braking system goes. It seems like this is where a lot of our customers kind of have a hard time figuring out what will work or exactly what they need. So we'll kind of simplify it a little bit. If your motor home has air brakes, like ours does today. A great choice that you could use is what's called the Air Force One supplemental braking system. Super reliable, utilizes your motor homes air braking system to apply the brakes in your Ford, and it's really straightforward. Easy to use. Every time you want to flat-tow, you're just going to have to plug in your air line, and your breakaway tether here. And that's really all there is to it. So very user-friendly. Keep in mind though, it is a more of a permanent style system. You know once you install it, it's going to stay with your truck and the other half will stay with your motor home. If that's really not your style, another solution could be the BlueOx patriot III, and that's a portable style braking system. And what's really cool about that is, you can use it with any type of brakes that your motor home has whether it be air brakes or just your good old classic, regular hydraulic brakes. So that Patriot III will work with any motor home, and essentially any vehicle, it's portable. So you are going to have to set it up every time you want to flat tow or, you know, remove it whenever you're done. But the good thing is it's very simplified. You more or less set it in your floorboard, clamp the claw around your brake pedal, plug in a couple of wires. So you just pop them in, turn it on. And that's really all there is to it. So another great choice there. And I figured I give a another option for those of you that have motor homes with hydraulic brakes that are looking for a permanent tight braking system, and that would be the Demco supplemental braking system. A great choice. We have darn a ton of them here at the shop. They're super easy to use again, you're just going to have to hook up your tether and turn it on. Flip the switch on once it's installed. So really not much to it, very reliable kit. And regardless on what kit you choose from out of those three that I just recommended, you really can't go wrong. Those are very reliable and good kits that we here at etrailer have had a lot of experience with and a lot of good results. So once you get figured out all of the main components that interest you. It's tempting to kind of start looking at some of the accessories, and smaller things that kind of go with flat towing. Whether all of those will work good for you or not, it's hard for me to say, but I do know there's a couple things that I'd always recommend just to kind of help keep your investment protected. And one of them is a locking hitch pin. That way it'll secure your tow bar to the motor home. That way someone just can't come up, pop it out, and run off with it. It would be keen, and you know it's going to be secure. Another thing I always like to throw out there is just thinking about a bag or a cover. Especially for those of you that plan on storing the tow bar on the back of your motor home. Pretty much every tow bar, similar to this, can be stored. And you can get a cover to put over everything, and just help keep the weather off of it. And that'll finish up our look at of the best flat tow setup options for the 2020 Ford F-150..

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