Best 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Trailer Hitch Options

Hello everybody, Clayton here at etrailer. Today, we are gonna be takin a look at the best trailer hitch receiver options for your 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. Here are three of our options for your Golf. On the top, here, we're gonna have our EcoHitch, in the middle we're gonna have our Draw-Tite and here on the bottom we're gonna have our Curt. Now, between these three right off the bat I'm gonna go with the EcoHitch, but I'll explain a little bit more about that once we get deeper into the video. To start comparing our three options, here, we're gonna talk about the differences.

Our top EcoHitch, here, is gonna be a mixture of aluminum steel and stainless steel. So, this is gonna be a recycled metal hitch. It's also gonna have a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening with a nice reinforced collar and safety chain plates. It's also gonna have a standard 5/8 inch pinhole. Looking to our Draw-Tite hitch we're gonna have an 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 receiver tube opening with a 1/2 inch pinhole opening.

Now, this one does not have a reinforced collar similar to the Curt or the EcoHitch. Now, looking to the Curt we are gonna have that same 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 receiver tube opening with our 1/2 inch pinhole, but this one is gonna have a reinforced collar so it's just gonna look a lot nicer on the back of your Golf. And then when we look at our three options, again, our two bottom ones are gonna be class 1 with that 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 receiver tube opening and our EcoHitch is gonna be that class 3 so we're gonna have that bigger two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. Now, this is gonna accept a lot more accessories and be a lot easier to find, and it does have an extra hundred pounds of tongue weight so that's definitely gonna be a huge advantage over the other two. And now we can get into our weight capacities.

When I talk about towing capacity, that's gonna be the amount the hitch can pull. You wanna keep in mind that's the weight of the trailer and the load included. I wanna talk about tongue weight. That's gonna be the amount pushing straight down on your receiver tube. Now, it is important to check with your Golf's owner's manual and make sure your vehicle is capable of towing at those capacities.

So, looking to our EcoHitch we are gonna have a 2000 pound towing capacity, we are gonna have a 300 pound tongue weight rating. Lookin to the Draw-Tite, we're gonna have a 2000 pound trailer capacity and a 200 pound tongue weight rating. And lookin down to our Curt, we're gonna have the exact same ratings. So, like I said, the EcoHitch is gonna have that extra hundred pounds of tongue weight capacity so that's gonna be nice. We can get another bike or two on the back of our bike rack or another suitcase onto our cargo carrier so that's really gonna open up our options. And when we look at the one we installed today we are going to be looking at the Curt hitch. One thing I do like about all of these hitches is the only thing that's gonna be visible is gonna be our receiver tube opening. That big cross tube is all gonna be hidden behind our rear fascia. And look into our similarities, like I said, the big cross tube is gonna be hidden on all of them. They're all gonna install the exact same so you don't have to worry about shopping for an easier install. And these are all gonna have a black powder coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion. Now, there is a little difference between our powder coating. Our Draw-Tite is gonna have a semi-gloss, our Curt is gonna have a high gloss and our EcoHitch is going to have a wrinkled semi-gloss. So in conclusion, I would definitely go with the EcoHitch, like I said, havin that two inch by two inch receiver tube opening is gonna allow us to use a lot more of accessories and having that extra hundred pounds of tongue weight rating is gonna be huge cause we can take another suitcase or another bike with us. And when we we're lookin at the class 1 hitches I'd definitely go with the Curt cause having that reinforced collar looks a lot better on the back of our Golf. Again, I'm Clayton here, at etrailer. Thanks for checking out the best trailer hitch options on your Volkswagen Golf Alltrack..

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