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Best 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Trailer Hitch Options

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're gonna be checking out the best hitch options for your 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. There's some things to think about before you pick a hitch for your Atlas. They all might look the same but they have a bunch of differences. Some things that I like to think about that jump out at me right away is looks, how's it gonna look on your vehicle Are you gonna be happy with the way it looks if it sticks out a little bit there underneath the bumper Another thing is, how are you actually gonna use it So then that's when tow capacity comes in where you're wondering, well how much am I gonna be pulling with it Which one can handle the most if that's what you're looking for. Another thing would be ease of install.

How hard is it going to be to put it in place Am I going to have to modify my vehicle at all How long is it gonna take me to do that So those are some things to think about before picking out your hitch. Right up front, I'm gonna tell you that my favorite one is the etrailer hitch and we'll go through that as we compare. On our Atlas today, we have the etrailer hitch. I can see that the shank doesn't stick out too far, it's still under the overhang. It doesn't look too aggressive.

The matte black matches the trim package on the Atlas so it doesn't stick out either. And there's also no modifications to make the facial look any different than it did when we went to go put that hitch on there. With that in mind, let's look at the Curt hitch. It's gonna be a lot like the etrailer one. The only thing difference visually is going to be the glossy finish.

Next up is gonna be the Eco-Hitch. It's gonna have a textured black finish on it. It's gonna look a little different with our safety chain loops here at the front and it's gonna stick out just a little bit more. Next up is gonna be the Draw-Tite hitch. This one's gonna have a bigger plate here up top.

The safety chain loops are gonna be about the same as the etrailer and then it's also gonna have a gloss black finish. Next up is gonna be towing. So it's gonna be, what do you want to use the hitch for Do you want to just throw a bike rack in there or a cargo carrier That might not be such a big issue for you. But if you wanna pull something, you're gonna wanna make sure you check your specs on your Atlas. It's rated for 5,000 pounds of towing, so then you go to your hitch and see which ones you want there. The only one that's gonna be different from the others is going to be the Eco-Hitch. It's gonna have a gross trailer weight rating of 5,000 pounds and then a tongue weight rating of 750 pounds. Now the other ones, that's gonna be the etrailer, the Curt and the Draw-Tite are all gonna be rated at 6,000 pounds with a tongue weight rating of 900 pounds. Something that sets the Draw-Tite apart from the others is going to be that it can be used for a weight distribution system. The other ones are not rated to use that. When it comes to the install, they're all gonna have the same hardware, they're gonna go up there the same way pretty much. Out of the four hitches that we looked at, I choose the etrailer hitch. It's the appearance. I like that matte black. It matches the trim package. I didn't have to modify the facial at all when installing it and it's got that tow capacity. If I do an upgrade later on, I get something I want to tow, I still have that option. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. I hope this helped..

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