Best 2018 Jeep Compass Trailer Hitch

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Best 2018 Jeep Compass Trailer Hitch

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the best trailer hitch options for a 2018 Jeep Compass. Here on the bottom we have the Draw-Tite, and here on top we have the Curt. First noticeable difference is gonna be how they mount onto the vehicle. This is gonna use one hole, or our Draw-Tite is gonna use one hole on the bottom of our frame rail, and two on the sides, where our Curt is gonna use two holes on the bottom of the frame rail and two on the sides.Our Draw-Tite is gonna be visible off the bottom of the vehicle where our Curt is actually gonna be hidden, which is gonna require some faisure 00:00:32 trimming. Our Draw-Tite is gonna have a premounted bracket for any wiring accessories where your Curt's not gonna have that. With our Draw-Tite, safety chain loops, you can see we're gonna add plate style.

We got plenty a room for different size hooks but it is a plate that is welded to the bottom of the hitch. But with our Curt, it's gonna be a little less discreet. We're gonna have a rolled steel style. Give us plenty a room for different size hooks, but it is a little bit smaller than our Draw-Tite.Both the Curt and the Draw-Tite are both gonna have 5/16" hitch pin holes. However, our Draw-Tite is gonna have an extra hole.

That hole's gonna be used for our J-pin stabilization device only. What the J-pin does, it takes all the shake and play out of any of your hitch mount accessories. Our Curt is not gonna have that. However, there are locking devices you can find here at that will work with the Curt hitch.Another difference is gonna be our weight carrying capacity. With our Curt we're gonna have a 600lb man tongue weight which is a downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube, and a trailer weight of 4,000lbs with the trailer plus load included.

With our Draw-Tite it's gonna go up to 675lb on the tongue weight and 4,500lbs on the trailer weight. I always recommend checking the owner's manual of your vehicle to make sure the vehicle can withstand the amount of weight your gonna inaudible 00:01:51 between the vehicle and the hitch.With these two hitches, you cannot use weight distribution. Now as far as similarities go, both these hitches are gonna be class three hitches with a 2" by 2" receiver tube opening. They're gonna work great for any of your class three accessories. They're gonna have reinforced collars to give you a little extra stability on your receiver tubes.

In summary, as far as ease and installation, I'm gonna have to give it to Draw-Tite. As far as aesthetics, I'll have to give that to the Curt. That'll do it for a look at the best trailer hitch options for your Jeep Compass.

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