Best 2018 Jeep Cherokee Tow Bar Setup Options - Base Plates

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Best 2018 Jeep Cherokee Tow Bar Setup Options - Base Plates

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with Today we're going to be going over our the best flat tow setup for your Jeep Cherokee. For those of you that don't know what flat towing a vehicle is, it's going to be basically how we have it set up here. It allows you to bring your vehicle with you. Whenever you're going to camping or whatever destination you're going to, you're not going to have to worry about taking your RV, tearing it down and taking it to the store. Wherever you can get where you want, set your RV up and you can leave it sit.

You have your vehicle with you to go out, go to the store, pick up things, or go traveling around the city if you need to.With any flat tow setup, it's going to require five main components. With this vehicle, there is one extra component that I'm always going to recommend. Let's go over all of those components now. Our baseplate is going to be Roadmaster's direct-connect baseplate. It's going to mount to the chassis of the vehicle, and it's going to give us a solid attachment point for our tow bar.

Our tow bar is going to be a Falcon All-Terrain non-binding tow bar. You'll notice it has channels here. That allows for our safety cables to stay up off the ground. Our safety cables, they're going to be Roadmaster's 64", 8,000-pound towing capacity safety cables. They're going to be a secondary safety device in case our tow bar fails.Our braking system.

Our braking system is going to be the Stay-IN-Play DUO, Demco's Stay-IN-Play DUO. It's going to mount inside the vehicle, and it allows the vehicle to not only slow but stop itself so we're not relying on the RV to slow and stop both.Wiring, this is going to be Roadmaster's diode wiring kit. Our wiring kit is going to be Roadmaster's diode wiring kit. As you can see here, what that wiring kit does, it attaches to our factory wiring behind our taillights using diodes that not only protect our factory wiring on our vehicle from backfeed, but it also protects the RV's wiring. You can see what it does is it allows our Jeep Cherokee to receive the light functions from our motor home when we're flat towing so that we're safe while we're going down the road, so that not only we're safe but other drivers can what we're doing, whether that's braking, turning, or stopping.Then our sixth component is going to be our battery charge line.

The battery charge line is also by Roadmaster. What it does is it allows you to charge the battery from the RV while it's being flat towed. That's not required. The reason I recommend it is because our braking system requires the battery in order for it to work, or requires hookup to the battery. You don't want to get eight hours down the road and your battery be dead, have to jump start it.For any flat tow setup, there's a couple of things you're going to need to know. One, the baseplate on the car is going to sit 19" off the ground. What you need to do is, because there's so many different RVs out there and there's so many different heights, you need to go out and you need to measure the center of your hitch receiver on your RV. Since our baseplate on the Cherokee is 19", you want to make sure that the number or the measurement on your hitch is within 3". If it's within 3", you're good. If it's over 3", you're going to need a high-low adapter. The high-low adapters can be found here at notice here, this is actually a 2" drop because our hitch on our RV sits a little bit higher. We want our tow bar to sit as flat as possible. Again, I'm Shane with I hope this video has helped you when deciding on the best flat tow setup for your Jeep Cherokee.

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