Best 2018 Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2018 Honda Pilot Trailer Wiring Options

Today we're going to be comparing for you the differences in the custom fit vehicle wiring options available for the 2018 Honda Pilot. Now, the wiring systems we're going to be comparing today are going to be two four pole systems, one from Curt, this part number C56291 and one from Tekonsha, this part number 118679. These give us the basic signals that we need like our right turn and break, our left turn and break and a tail light signal.Once we move over to the next one, this is going to offer a seven pole design. Now, the seven pole gives us the same three but we're going to add a reverse light signal, we're going to add a 12 volt power signal and if you decide to you can also wire a break controller up to this system. That part number from Tekonsha is 118274. The basic systems here are going to develop for us the lights that we need for maybe a cargo carrier, maybe a small trailer, even a boat trailer, something like that.Our four poles, we've got our right turn and break, our left turn and break and our running lights and of course our ground to ground the system together.

And then with the seven pole, it's going to add in a power wire to the rear to give you 12 volt power at the plug. It's going to add in the reverse signal to over ride any marine style breaks and it's also going to give you a connection point for a break controller if you decided to install that.Now, all of our kits are fuse protected here. Each one of them is going to have a fuse holder and are going to provide the fuse for you to slide that into. And as they deliver these signals they get their information from here, it's going to go into our converter box. Now, this is going to convert that signal into a usable signal for our plug but it's also going to isolate the trailer from the vehicle, so we're not going to have to worry so much about an old trailer that's got a short in it causing damage to our nice new car that we're trying to haul it with.Now, all three of these harnesses are very, very similar in how they're going to install in your vehicle.

They're all going to use a plug just like this and it's going to plug in to an existing connection point in the rear of your pilot, rear, drivers side, just behind the panel, pretty easy to get to. It's going to be a simple plug in. And then the last think that you really want to compare with wiring harnesses is going to be power output. Now, the curt is going to deliver three amps for our right turn and break signals, our left turn and break signals, and for our running lights it's going to at six amps.Now, that should be more than enough power to take care of your cargo carriers, your small utility trailers and even enclosed trailers. Once Tekonsha here with the four fold connector, it's going to go up to 4.2 amps for our turn signals for each side and seven and a half amps for the tail light signals.

Now, that's going to be a little bit more power than what our curt's delivering so I would think in this case this is going to be more suited if you still want to use a four pole connector. But maybe you've got a trailer that has a lot of incandescent lights on it, maybe like a little bit larger utility trailer that might have a few extra light on it and you want that little higher amperage output.Now, for the seven pole kit the amperage output is going to be the same, you're just going to have a different style connector. Now if you do have multiple trailers, maybe you have seven pole round on one trailer or a four pole flat on another trailer, we do have adapters that you can simply plug in here and it will give you a four pole flat there that you can connect your trailer to to give you a little bit of versatility.Now, let's take a look at where the advantage lies with the more important things that we consider with custom fit vehicle wiring. Easy installation is going to go with the curt because you don't have to route anything outside. But when we look at accessibility and our wiring being readily available on the outside of the vehicle, both of our Tekonsha's are going to win that battle.Power output is also going to be in favor of the Tekonsha wiring harnesses and when it comes down to the pure versatility of the wiring on the back of your vehicle, the seven pole's definitely going to have but the additional 12 volt power output, reverse signal, and the capability of hooking up a break controller to it.

And that's going to complete our look of the best custom fit vehicle wiring options available to the Honda Pilot.

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