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Best 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2018 Chevrolet Colorado Trailer Hitch Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the best hitches available for the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado. We'll start with the most popular, which is the CURT Class 3. It's going to offer a 2" by 2" opening. The part number is C13176. Follow that up with the Draw-Tite Class 3. Part number there is 76004.

Finally we've got the Draw-Tite. Again, this is a Class 3, 2" by 2" opening. Part number is 75948.Now the biggest difference that I noticed when we had the hitches on the truck, both the Draw-Tite 76004 and our CURT here, part number C13176, our crosstubes all the way across, while they're square, they're also completely hidden behind the bumper structure. From this point down is what we're going to be able to see from behind the vehicle. With the Draw-Tite that we have here, part number 75948, we've got a rounded tube.

It's going to be hidden here on each side, but then it's going to drop down. We've got about this much space, about that much of it that we'll be able to see. We're going to see our crosstube about from this area over, and again, up to about that area. So not a big, big difference, but visually from behind the vehicle you will notice a little bit of a difference.Something I like about both of our Draw-Tites, they've got a small tab that's been welded on. It's pre-drilled with three holes there.

We're going to be able to attach a wiring bracket to it if we choose to. Now most of your Colorados are going to have a wiring plug that already exists in the rear bumper, or you can use part number HM40975 if it has the tow package prep.You'll notice the Draw-Tite here in the middle, 76004, is going to have a rounded steel-style safety chain connection point. Plenty of room there, and we should be able to get just about any safety chain around that that we might want. Whereas when we look at the CURT, it's going to have more of a plate style. Still have plenty of room, but this is the thinnest part of that plate.

It might be an issue to get really small safety chains connected there. You'll just want to keep that in mind. Same thing with the Draw-Tite, part number 75948 here. You can see we've got the steel plate-style connection point and just a little bit thicker here than what we've got on the CURT. If you're using very small safety chains, might be an issue getting them around there. It shouldn't be, but just keep that in mind.Now something else visually that we're going to notice, the CURT, it's got a flush reinforcement collar around the end, where the Draw-Tites have one that's just a little bit more rounded. Now both Draw-Tites are going to have two holes in the receiver tube opening. The larger one that's going to be located closer to the front of the vehicle, that's the one we're going to use to secure all of our items with. It's 5/8" in diameter. We want to use Class 3-rated accessories. It looks like we're going to have plenty of room. If you're using a hitch pin and clip, maybe an anti-rattle device, locking hitch pin, should have plenty of room to make that connection. Both of them are going to have a little bit smaller hole that's located further towards the rear of the vehicle. That's for use with the j-pin stabilization system only. You never want to use that hole to secure any of your items. The CURT, it has just a single pin hole, 5/8" in diameter. Again, plenty of room there for whatever Class 3 accessory that you might choose.Now when it comes to installation of the hitch, they're all going to be very, very similar. However, these do look a little bit different. They've got the side plate that come up. What we need to do is remove the eight bolts that hold on that crossbrace that goes across the rear of that bumper brace. These side plates will slide up in between them and we'll secure it with our hardware, whereas the one that doesn't have the side plate that comes up here, part number 75948, they provide washers. They're going to take up that gap. They're all about the same to install. If you can install the CURT, you can install both the Draw-Tites. There's not going to be a big difference there for you.Now when it comes to weight ratings on our hitches, both of our square tube hitches are going to share the exact same rating. We have an 800 pound tongue weight rating. That's the maximum downward force we can put there at the receiver tube opening. We have an 8,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That's going to be the total weight of the trailer and anything that we we're to load up on it.When we move down to the Draw-Tite with the round tube, we're going to keep the 800 pound tongue weight rating. However, the gross trailer weight rating, that goes down to 6,000 pounds. Now all three of our hitches are rated for weight distribution. When we go to weight distribution on the top two here, the square crosstube, we go up to 1,000 pounds on the tongue weight rating, and we're going to be at 10,000 pounds on the gross trailer weight rating. On the round tube design, 800 pounds is going to be the tongue weight rating and 8,000 pounds is going to be the gross trailer weight rating. Of course we need to look into the owner's manual of the Colorado. We need to see what it's rated for, and we'll go off of whichever of those numbers are the lowest.Now here's a look at what we we're talking about with the Draw-Tite round tube. You can see it's going to step down here. It's going to be a little bit more visible than the square tubes that would be up here behind the bumper where we just see our receiver tube opening.Now when it comes to the measurement from the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening here to the ground, they're all going to be right at about 19-1/4". From the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of our bumper here is going to be about 2-1/4" across the board. Now all of our hitches are going to be about even with the outside edge of our bumper, so they're not going to hang out where we might have issues with bumping into them with our leg or something like that, so no real big issue there.Now when it comes down to which hitch is going to be best for your application, usually I decide that on the tongue weight rating. That's the provide us with a lot of versatility, but they're all the same there, so we can't really use that. I think looks would be one determining factor, whether you like the look of the round tube coming down or you want to choose one of the square tubes that are going to remain hidden.I like the attachment point for the wiring that's offered on the two Draw-Tites. I think that's a good benefit. Of course if you're going to be using weight distribution setups, why not go with the one that has the higher weight distribution rating I think if weight distribution's a concern, going to go with one of the square tubes. If looks are a concern, again, probably one of the two square tubes. If I had to pick and put my money on one or the other, the only real differentiating factor that I see in those two hitches is going to be one's made by CURT, one's made by Draw-Tite. I think either the price point or the brand loyalty should help you make up your mind.Now that we've had a look at the differences in the best hitches available for the Chevrolet Colorado, we hope it'll make your buying decision just a little bit easier.

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