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Best 2017 Nissan Titan Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2017 Nissan Titan Trailer Hitch Options

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the best trailer hitch options on our 2017 Nissan Titan. Here we've got two hitch options for you that are going to be your best options. We've got one from Draw-Tite and one from Curt. While most of the features on these two hitches are going to be fairly similar, there are a couple of differences that we'll discuss now.The Draw-Tite here has a couple extra features that our Curt's missing. It has a an extra hitch pin hole here, which allows for the use of a J pin. A J pin acts like a hitch pin and clip, however it also acts as an anti-rattle device.

The other pin will go in and press against whatever accessory you have in your receiver, locking it tight against the side, reducing any rattle. Additionally it has a bracket for your four or seven pole connector, however while installed on the vehicle, if you're using the factory seven pole connector on your Nissan Titan, it does not stretch long enough to reach to a bracket mounted in this location. As your factory connector is located on the passenger's side, you'll still need some sort of mounting option over on this side.Now, lastly, there's a small difference in clearances between the two. You're going to have about an inch better ground clearance with the Draw-Tite, and about 21 inches, verses the 20 inches on the Curt. This is pretty negligible, however it might make or break the difference for recreational use, to get your bike racks hooked up and you're on some rough grades.

You'll also notice that our Draw-Tite has much larger safety chain holes. The Curt's are going to be significantly smaller, so when we try to use some different sized safety chains, our hook style here is going to work fine, but our safety clip style here, that's much larger and more heavy duty, we put it in, you can't really pivot it upward, it kind of just barely fits on there. This might cause some issues, versus our Draw-Tite here, that accepts that just fine, as well as this one. It has nice, free motion.Then as far as how they're similar, they're both going to be Class 3 hitches with a 2 inch by 2 inch receiver. They're going to have the same weight ratings, of 800 pound tongue weight and 8,000 pounds towing capacity.

When using the weight distribution system, they're also going to have the same ratings of 1200 pound tongue weight, and 12,000 pound towing capacity. If you're curious about weight distribution systems you can pick one up here at, and also find out more about them. Please make sure that you check your vehicle's owner's manual to ensure that you're not exceeding its towing capacity. As far as installation, they're both going to have the exact same procedure, so they'll both be very easy to install.In summary, when it comes to clearances, our Draw-Tite's going to be slightly better, which will be good for recreational use, and when we take a look at the optional accessories that will work with it, our Draw-Tite's also going to have a slight advantage because it can use that J pin, and it does have the mounting bracket, however unless you're running a cut and splice wiring kit and not using the factory, it's not going to be very useful, and when it comes to fit and finish, they're both going to be pretty similar, but it does look like a nicer finish here on our Curt. When it comes to ease of use, I'm going to have to give that to our Drat Tite here, because it will work with any kind of safety chain without having to worry about it.My personal preference, I kind of like the Draw-Tite because of the extra features, it is a bit of a bummer that this doesn't work with your factory connector, however the safety chain loops and the J pin ...

it's just got a lot of extra options.That completes our look at the best hitch options on our Nissan Titan.

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