Best 2016 Ford F-150 Roof Rack Options

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Best 2016 Ford F-150 Roof Rack Options

Today we're going to be taking a look at the best roof rack options available for a 2016 Ford 150. When searching for roof rack systems for your Ford 150 these are going to be the top three choices that you're going to find. Up here we have the Rhino Rack Vortex Aero Roof Rack System. Here we have the Yakima Core Bar Roof Rack System, and at the bottom we have the Thule Aero Blade Roof Rack System. While all three roof rack systems have their advantages let's go ahead and take a look at some of their differences. The first thing is the actual shape of the bars themselves. The Thule and the Yakima have an aerodynamic shape to them, while the Rhino Rack has more of an elliptical shape to its bar.

While all three bars can carry their fair share of accessories on them, the Yakima's going to be a little bit limited as it doesn't have that center strip which you can use for T-track accessories. Instead it's just a solid bar. However with both the Thule and the Rhino Rack it does have these strips which can be removed and used with T-track accessories. As far as T-track accessories are concerned the Thule does have a slight advantage with you just being able to slide open the end cap here to insert your T-track accessories through this area here. While the Rhino Rack can't do that, you'd actually have to physically remove it, it does have this plastic lock which can also be replaced with a lock core system, so once you install your T-track accessories in there, you can lock it down, and secure them to your roof rack. All three of these roof rack systems are fairly easy to install, and clamp onto the roof of your vehicle. All three of them also include all the hardware necessary to install it onto your roof rack.

The Thule Aero Blade however has the advantage of being able to carry the tightening tool inside your roof rack system wherever you go, so you know exactly where it is. The Yakima roof rack system has its clamp system where it actually sits away from the vehicle when you initially set it on, so it doesn't hand around like it does with Rhino Rack or the Thules, so it could possible scratch your car while you're trying to get it installed. Also, both Thule and Yakimas come with knock outs for the locks to secure to your vehicle, while the Rhino Rack actually comes with the lock already installed. So in conclusion as far as security is concerned Rhino Rack has the advantage there as it already has the lock put into the end cap here, so you can secure it to your roof once it's installed, as opposed to having to purchase lock cores separately for the other two. When it comes to the use of accessories, Thule has that by being able to open this end cap and easily slide in your T-track accessories when needed. Also as far as ease of install is concerned Thule has the advantage by having the tightening tool with you at all times to take it on or off as needed.

As far as having a load capacity is concerned, the Yakima Core Bars take this by far as they have a 225 pound load capacity, while these two have 165. We hope this makes your buying decision easier for your Ford 150.

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