Best 2015 Subaru Legacy Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2015 Subaru Legacy Trailer Hitch Options

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the best hitches available for the 2015 Subaru Legacy. Now the best hitch for you, in my mind, is gonna be decided by how you plan on using it. So what we'll do is go through the different hitches and figure out what they're gonna be good at, what they're just gonna be average at. The hitch we have here at the top is gonna be a Draw-Tite class three, that means it has a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening.That part number is 75673. The Curt, also a class three, with two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. It's part number 13390.

And then we have our Draw-Tite here. Inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter receiver tube opening. This is a class two hitch. Part number is 36493. Now as far as looks go with our hitches, everything's gonna be pretty much the same.

There a few minor cosmetic differences. But typically the fascia on the vehicle is gonna sit about in this area so you really just gonna be look at your cross tube, safety chain connection points, and receiver tube openings all you're really gonna see on the back of the car.Now the two class threes are slightly different in that the Draw-Tites gonna have a rounded style reinforcement collar. And the Curt's is a little bit more flush. And of course the Draw-Tite class two, it's gonna be the least noticeable hitch on the rear of the vehicle with the inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter opening. It's gonna have that small band style reinforcement collar around it.

Both of our class threes are also gonna have a safety chain connection point down here lower that's like a plate style. The Draw-Tite's gonna have a larger hole opening than what we have on the Curt.The Curt's plates are gonna be a little bit smaller. Also our Draw-Tite is gonna have two holes in the receiver tube opening. The larger one, located closer to the front of the vehicle, that's gonna be the one you'll use to secure all of your items in place with. The hole closer to the rear of the vehicle, the smaller half inch pinhole, that's gonna be for use with the J pin stabilization system, which is a form of anti-rattle device.

The Curt's gonna have a single pinhole as you can see. That's one's gonna be five eighths of an inch in diameter.Now for both of the hitches rated class three, you wanna ensure that you choose a class three rated accessory. When we look at the Draw-Tite class two, it's gonna have a slightly smaller half inch diameter pinhole. For this, you wanna make sure you choose class two accessories. And you can see the safety chain connection points are gonna be a little bit different. Here we're gonna have rounded steel stock with a relatively large size opening. So connecting chains there shouldn't be an issue. Now in my mind, the class three hitch does have an advantage over the class two.The two inch by two inch receiver tube opening seems to be the most common. And you'll find a lot of accessories out there available. Just about any type of hitch accessory they make. It's probably gonna come in a class three variety. While something to keep in mind as the class two does remain an extremely popular hitch with our customers for their Legacy. The inch and a quarter by in and a quarter receiver tube opening, there are a lot of accessories out there that will fit that. It's not nearly as limited like what you get with the class one. I think the reason customers like this hitch over our class three hitches is just because it is a smaller size.We're not gonna have to worry about seeing it so much on the back of our vehicle. Now we'll discuss the weight capacities of the different hitches a little bit. Both of our class threes have a 600 pound ton weight rating. So that's the maximum downward force you can put at your receiver tube opening. And they offer a 4,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That's the total weight of your trailer, anything you might load up on it. The class two from Draw-Tites gonna give you a 300 pound ton weight capacity and a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating. Now one thing you definitely wanna look into before loading up your hitch is your vehicles weight rating.See what the Legacy's rated for in its owners manual and be sure not to exceed that or the hitches rating, whichever of those two are lowest. All right. Now we've gone over some of the differences in the hitches cosmetically and the weight ratings. Now let's talk more about kinda the real life situations and where each one is gonna have its benefit. We'll start here at the bottom. There's really two reasons, I think that you would wanna purchase a class two hitch. One would be that you already have a lot of inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter accessories and you don't wanna re-buy. The other reason I would go with an inch and a quarter hitch is if you want something to haul bike racks, cargo carriers, things like that without necessarily changing the rear of your vehicles look all that much.Outside of those reasons, looks and you already have the accessories, I would choose one of the more versatile class three hitches. I like the class three hitches in that they do have tons of different accessories that you can put on it. The biggest difference that we have with the Curt versus the Draw-Tite is gonna be the location of the pinhole. With the Curt, it's about an inch and three quarter to the very back of your Legacy's bumper. One the Draw-Tite here, it's gonna be about six inches. So the bumper's gonna be much further back. Basically that's gonna reduce the clearance that you're gonna have between the back of your bumper and whatever accessory that you put in.So bike racks that fold up against the rear of the vehicle, cargo carriers that fold up against the rear of the vehicle, those are gonna come closer to the back of the vehicle. That's one reason I like the Curt for the recreational aspect. Now for those of you looking to haul utility trailers and things like that. The Curt class three and the Draw-Tite class three, since they have the exact same weight ratings, I don't think you can really pick one that will be better for towing. So they're gonna be about an even match. The Curt having that pinhole out a little further will make it easier to get your ball mount in and out, but that's gonna be the only real difference you'll have.And when it comes to ease of installation, all of our hitches are gonna be about the same process and the same things you'll have to go through so neither one of them really is gonna have a big advantage there. Now we can kinda summarize what we've talked about. When it comes to your recreational use, I like the Curt because that pinhole is further out, gives us more clearance for accessories that we might have in the back. As far as towing go, think the Draw-Tite or the Curt are gonna be a very good choice there. When it comes to appearance, since we do have a smaller receiver tube opening, smaller safety chain connection points, you might like the way that Draw-Tite looks on the back of your vehicle in the class two variety.And as far as ease of installation, everything's gonna be the same. And that's gonna complete our look at the best Subaru Legacy trailer hitches.

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