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Best 2015 Ford Explorer Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2015 Ford Explorer Trailer Wiring Options

Today we're going to be taking a look at the best wiring options for your 2015 Ford Explorer. Here we're going to have the CURT. That's going to be part number C56172. Over here we're going to have the Tekonsha. That's going to be part number 118540. Here's what our wiring's going to look like when it's installed.

Here we have the Tekonsha. Now both of our kits are going to stay on the outside of our vehicle and they're going to connect to a factory plug just right up underneath our exhaust on the passenger side. Our t-connector is just going to connect in between our factory harness here. Now both of our harnesses are going to look very similar. We're going to have a t-connector on both of them. That's going to plug in between our vehicle's harness.

They're both going to give us a four-pole flat, allowing us to have all the required lights on our trailer, such as brakes, turn signals, and clearance lights. The main difference with the CURT is that we're going to have to ground our harness. They do supply us with a self-tapping screw to do so. Now with the Tekonsha, all we're going to have to do is plug in our t-connector and route our wire over to where we want to have our four-pole, and then we're finished. Another benefit besides not having to make any extra connections, our Tekonsha here is actually going to give us a little bit more wire. They're going to give us an extra 22" of wire so it's going to be a little bit easier to route this and we're not going to have to worry about losing any space. Now both kits are going to come with everything necessary to get it installed.

The CURT's going to have your self-tapping screw and a handful of zip ties to secure your wires, along with the Tekonsha are going to give you a handful of zip ties to secure everything up. Now as far as power rating is concerned, both the CURT and the Tekonsha are going to have a 7-1/2-amp rating per circuit. To sum everything up, as far as ease of installation goes, I think the Tekonsha is going to take it purely because we don't have to ground it like we do with the CURT. But I think both kits are a good kit, and a wise choice if you need wiring for your Explorer. That will finish up the look at the best wiring options for your Ford Explorer.

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