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Best 2012 Nissan Frontier Front Hitch Options

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Best 2012 Nissan Frontier Front Hitch Options

Hey guys. Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the best trailer hitch options for your 2012 Nissan Frontier. What are some of the reasons we would need a front hitch on our vehicle Do you notice the Nissan Frontier behind me here, it has roof rack on it with kayak carriers. On the backside hitch, it has a very large ball mount with weight distribution set up on it for hauling a trailer. With having those items on there, we don't have a whole lot of room for anything else, even though this is a truck.

Maybe we want to put a bike rack or a cargo carrier on, but we have nowhere to put it. Having a front mounted hitch is going to allow us to do that. Not only that, but if we need to carry an extra spare tire, maybe we want to put a winch on it, or maybe we just want to use the front hitch to guide a trailer into a tight spot.Here our two hitches for a Nissan Frontier.e Here on top, we're going to have the Curt. Here on the bottom, we're going to have the Draw-Tite. My professional opinion, I would go with the Draw-Tite for a couple of reasons.

One, you're going to have a higher weight capacity. Two, it offers you an option to put on a J-pin stabilization device. Three, the receiver tube is a little bit longer, so any of your hitch mount accessories that may fold up, having the Draw-Tite is going to give you a little bit more clearance between your bumper and where that accessory folds up. With our Draw-Tite, we're going to have a 500 pound max tongue weight, which is the downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube. They also call it a vertical load limit.So cargo carriers, bike racks, you want to make sure you're not exceeding that.

We're going to have a 5,000 pound gross trailer weight, which is the trailer plus the load included. We're going to have a 9,000 pound straight line pull. Keep in mind, that is not dragging something across the ground. You got to make sure that whatever you are pulling is able to roll. With our Curt, we're only going to have a 350 pound tongue weight, again, downward pressure inside of the receiver tube, and a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight, again, trailer plus load included.

The straight line pull is going to be the same between the Curt and the Draw-Tite at 9,000 pounds. Another noticeable difference, you'll notice the safety chain loops or the tow hooks here. Curt's are a little bit larger. They're mounted more on the front. Where if we look at the Draw-Tite, they're kind of. They're a little bit smaller.They are very large in size, are going to fit pretty much any tow hook, but they're off to the side a little bit. My opinion, I like the way these look being off to the side over the Curt's. I think the Curt's stick out just a little bit too far and can take a little bit away from the clean look on the front of the vehicle. Another difference, the measurement between the hitch pin hole and the outermost part of the bumper. With our Draw-Tite, it's only going to be six inches. With our Curt, it's going to be seven inches, which means that our Curt is going to give us a little bit more room for any of our hitch mount accessories like cargo carriers and bike racks that may fold up against the vehicle. It's going to give us a little bit of extra room between that item that we have on there and the part of our bumper.Another difference, as I mentioned, Draw-Tite allows you to use a J-pin stabilization device, where the Curt doesn't. This hole right here is for the J-pin, and what the J-pin does, it's attendant slides in here. It has a hook, and it slides in here. So when you tighten the nut down, it's going to pull that item or push it up against the sidewalk on the inside of the hitch, and that takes any movement out of it. With our Curt, we don't have that option.Now, let's go over some of the similarities. Both of these hitches are going to mount on the vehicle exactly the same way. Both are going to have a square tube design, two inch by two inch receiver tube opening, which is going to give us a lot of different options for hitch mount accessories. And both are going to have a five/eights hitch pin hole. Keep in mind, hitch pin and clip do not come with either one of these hitches, but they can be found here at Both are also going to have reinforced collars to give us a little extra stability there. And they're going to have black powder coated finishes to help reduce the risk of rust and corrosion. That's going to do it for a look at the best trailer hitch options for your Nissan Frontier.

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