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Best 2012 Honda CR-V Towing Mirror Options

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Best 2012 Honda CR-V Towing Mirror Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at e-trailer, Today we are going to be checking out our best towing mirror options for your 2012 Honda CRV. When it comes to the CRVs, you know, people use them to do a little bit of everything and that does include towing. And so chances are pretty good, if you're watching this now, you've probably tried to pull a trailer. And the issue is that these CRV factory mirrors, they're just not very big, and so you lose a lot of visibility. And so by adding a towing mirror, what that's going to do is really, you know, help you see what's going on. You're gonna be able to see a lot more, which in turn will give you some extra confidence whenever you're pulling a trailer down the road, you know.

With that said, you kind of start looking at towing mirrors, and there is just a ton of 'em available. So what we're going to do today is just kind of break it down into the most common types, and really just help simplify things. And hopefully that'll get you going in the right direction and help you pick out one that's going to be best for your Honda. So we're going to be checking out six mirrors today, and all these are kind of a little bit different of a style, if you will. So these three that I'm going to mention first, these have just kind of your standard rubber straps with clips on them.

This one is kind of oval in shape, this is a CIPA. This one same deal with the straps, just kind of a different design, this is also a CIPA And this one has the straps, but. it has dual lens. So there's two.. two mirrors, if you will...

within. This one has kind of a ratcheting clamp, that clamps around the mirror, and some little adjustable. feet there. This one is a CIPA. And this one is a case horse mirror, and this one has a different design.

These actually use ratcheting type straps, so when you crank that down, you're actually able to snug it up really well. And again, this one has that dual lens design And last but not least over here, we actually have it installed on our Honda, this is also a CIPA. And this one is kind of different from the rest of them. It uses these clamps here that slide around your mirror's housing, and you tighten those down. So now that we kind of talked about what we're working with here, let's go ahead and just kind of run through some of the pros and cons of each mirror. We'll talk about these three mirrors first, and essentially these are gonna fit. very similar and work the same way. And really whatever style lens you prefer, that's the main difference. With these though, all three of these actually fit the Honda's mirror pretty good. You know, they fit snug. You know, vibration and things like that will be minimal, especially at higher speeds. Probably not enough to bother you as far as that goes, at least in my opinion. Really the only issue that I've ran into with these. with these here, is when you go to adjust your factory lens, all right And it may be an issue for some, it may not for others. And that's because when you have these on and you go to adjust your factory lens at the very end of each suite, you know, up and down and side to side, you will get a little bit of contact there. So you're not going to have 100% adjustability. With that said. You know, you're still going to be able to maintain those usual sweet spots, if you will, that you would usually use. But if you're someone that's really tall or really short, or, you know, want to crank your mirror all the way up or down in one direction, you may run into some issues that you might not be happy with whenever you use this style here. As far as this mirror goes, this one's a pretty decent fit. on the CRV. You know, how these work is they go around your mirror, these straps kind of clip to the housing and then this actually ratchets, so you can get this thing super tight. Like I said, it's a decent fit on the CRV. It's kind of big, you know, it comes out pretty far. I've actually put this one on, you know, I don't see the. the vibration and stuff being too bad. So, you know, overall, this one is a decent choice. I kind of favor the other style a little bit better, but that's just my personal opinion. And this one too, kind of share some of the issues as the other ones that just had the rubber straps. These there's a tiny bit of interference, it's not as much as the other ones, but there's some there that's. you know, that's worth noting at least. As far as EK source one here goes with these ratcheting type straps. This one actually fits really good on the CRV. Fits nice and snug, very solid. You know, these straps do a good job. The only thing I ran into was the interference of the. of the factory lens. So how this works is these go around the housing and kind of gets cinched down like that. And so your lens is gonna be right on top of that. You can still adjust it. kind of, I mean, you know, it's kind of in that one spot and you got a little bit of adjustability there, and that's really about it. It just interferes with that. If you're the person where that spot works for you anyway, not a big deal, but. you know, if you're trying to adjust it quite a bit and then really find that spot that you like, you definitely are going to run into a couple issues there, at least in my opinion. When it comes to the CIPA one, this mirror here, this one's actually probably going to be my top pick for the CRV, and I'm kind of surprising myself by saying that because on most vehicles, I'm usually not a fan of this one, it just never seems to work right. But that's not the case at all with the CRV, it actually. goes right on, you lose no adjustability at all, when it comes to your factory lens. And it's actually on there pretty tight. So you're going to get some vibration and things like that, but it's kind of inevitable with all the, all the universal fit mirrors. It's just something you're going to have to live with. So this one isn't any better or worse than the other ones. So. it's pretty nice. It just seems like a good fit, you know Just kind of goes with. with the original line of the mirror and stuff, and you know, you're able to rotate this however you want. And to me, it just seems like the most ideal towing mirror to put. to put on the CRV. So just wanted to give you guys an example on, you know, that adjustability and kind of help paint a better picture of that. So, you know, up and down, you'll be able to do that completely without hitting. Side to side, you can really get the full sweep there. You know that bottomed out at the very end. So you're really going to be able to do it however you want. So at the end of the day, you know, you definitely got a few options. If it we're me, I would probably lean towards this one the most, then anything after that, I would probably go with kind of some of these more basic ones with the rubber straps of any design, really. You know, it's just going to be what you like and, you know, whatever you think is going to work best for you. And that'll finish up our look at of the best towing mirror options for your Honda CRV. Hope this information was useful, and it'll help you see things through a little bit better when you're trying to pick out a towing mirror for your Honda..

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