Best 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup Hitch Options

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Best 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup Hitch Options

Today on our 2011 Dodge Ram pickup we're going to be taking a look at the best hitch options available. The three hitches we'll be taking a look at the today are all Class 5 hitches. They're all going to work with or without your factory hitch installed. First we have the CURT Commercial Duty Hitch with a 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" opening, which is part number C15809. Next we have the CURT Extra Duty with a 2" by 2" opening, which is part number C15409. Then finally we have the B&W Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch.

It also has a 2" by 2" opening. Its part number is BWHDRHD25211. When it comes to weight rating, the CURT Commercial Duty is going to offer us a maximum gross trailer weight rating of 20,000 pounds and a maximum tongue weight rating of 2,700 pounds. The CURT Extra Duty offers us a max gross trailer weight rating of 17,000 pounds and a max tongue weight rating of 2,550 pounds. Finally, the B&W is going to offer us a 16,000 pound max gross trailer weight rating and a 1,600 pound max tongue weight rating. All of the weight ratings remain the same if you're using weight distribution.

The biggest difference is the 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" opening on the CURT Commercial Duty. You're going to want that for your 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" accessories or ball mounts. If you'd like to use it with your 2" accessories, you could pick up the CURT Reducer Sleeve with part number C45405. The safety chain loops here on our two CURT hitches are the same, with a large opening. Here on the B&W, they have a welded-on plate style with a smaller opening. They're all going to work fine with a wide variety of safety chains, though on the CURTs, you're probably going to have an easier time because of the wider opening. They all feature a 5/8 hitch pin hole to secure your ball mounts and accessories.

The hitch pin and clip is sold separately. You can pick that up with part number PC3. They all feature a square tube construction with a black powder coat finish, so they're going to resist rust and corrosion. The B&W, however, has a smaller tube with a glossy finish. They all install about the same way.

You'll just need a fish wire, carriage bolts, and spacer blocks through the frame on your Ram. The B&W does install the same way. However, there is some assembly required. Because our crosstube installs separately, we have the option to flip it. It also has different holes we can use depending on if we have a factory hitch or not. In summary, the CURT Commercial Duty has the highest weight capacity. Because you can reconfigure it as needed, the B&W is going to offer the best clearance. When it comes to overall towing, the 2-1/2" by 2-1/2" CURT Commercial Duty can be resized to 2", giving you more towing options. Because they can all install with your factory hitch, that will allow you to tow while carrying accessories such as a bike rack, so they're all going to be great for recreational use. Finally, for the job site, the CURT Commercial Duty is going to be the best because it's going to allow you to carry all that extra-large, heavy duty equipment around. That's going to complete our look at the best hitch options available on our Ram.

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