Best 2010 Honda Civic Hitch Options

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Best 2010 Honda Civic Hitch Options

Today we're taking a look at the best hitches for the 2010 Honda Civic. Here on the top we're going to have the Draw-Tite class one. This is part number 24763. Then we've got our Hidden Hitch, it might as well be twins. These are the exact same hitch just by a different manufacturer. Part number on the second one here, the Hidden Hitch, 60822.

Then finally here we've got our Curt, all of them being class ones. This part number is C11391. A couple of the differences that we'll see right off the bat is going to be the receiver tube opening here. You can see on the Draw-Tite and the Hidden Hitch just a standard stock piece of steel that goes all the way around where on the Curt we've got a little nicer looking end to it. This is also going to allow us to use the hitch immobilizer if we decide to.

I personally like the way this one looks. It makes it look a little bit beefier, a little more sturdy. Another noticeable difference is going to be on our safety chain connection points here. While the Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite, they're going to have the rolled bar steel style our Curt's going to have the plate style. I don't think we'd have any problem getting any type of chain connected to that as long as we're not using the great big hooks or something like that. As far as towing goes on them they're all just about even.

We're going to have a 200 pound gross tongue weight rating. That's going to be the maximum amount of downward force we can put here at the receiver tube opening. That goes all the way through the rack here, 200, 200, 200. Then we're going to have a 2,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That's going to be the total of our trailer and everything that we've got loaded up on there.

Again, all the way across the board, 2,000 pound capacity throughout. Of course, we want to check the Civic's manual, make sure it can handle those kinds of loads. If not we'll just go off of whichever of those numbers are the lowest. When using the Curt class one with non-wheel loads, let's call it like a bike rack or maybe a class one cargo carrier, they do recommend the use of the Curt stabilization strap. As far as installation goes I give a little bit of a nod to the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch here. I think they're going to be a little bit easier to install just because we're using one less bolt on our outer brackets here on both sides where on the Curt we're going to have two on each side. The Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch will just have one. They all are going to use a U bolt around the tow hook here for center support. Another common thing that all three of the hitches are going to share is going to be a half inch pinhole diameter here on the side. That's for securing our ball mounts, bike racks, things like that. After it's installed there's going to be plenty of room on each side. We've got it here, here and here. There's going to be plenty of room on each side if we want to use some of the class one rated anti-rattle bolts, hitch pin locks, things like that. Here's a good look at what our hitch is going to look like installed. They're pretty symmetrical. We've got this area over here that tucks up over the tailpipe. You're going to have about four inches from the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost edge of the bumper. Then we're going to have about 11 inches from the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening here to the ground on all three of the hitches. There's not really a distinct advantage to one over the other. If you're going to be installing it at home and you're scared of those other two bolts maybe the Draw-Tite or the Hidden Hitch would be the way to go. Personally, like I said before, I like the way the end of that Curt looks and I like having the plate rather than these rolled bars. I'd probably go that way, but you might just want to base your decision on whichever one's the most cost effective. Now that we've had a good look over the differences and the best hitches available for the Honda Civic we hope it'll help you making your buying decision.

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