Best 2009 Subaru Tribeca Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2009 Subaru Tribeca Trailer Wiring Options

Today we're going to be taking a look at the best custom fit vehicle wiring options for your 2009 Subaru Tribeca. Here on your right side we are going to have the Hopkins part number 33855. Here in the center we're going to have the Tekonsha part number 118461. Here on your left side we're going to have the CURT part number C55370. Let's go over some of the differences between these three wiring harnesses.One of the noticeable differences is going to be this box on the three of them. You'll notice the Tekonsha's a little bit smaller.

CURT is a little flat, more of a rectangle shaped, where Hopkins is square. Let's talk a little bit about how the wires go into the box and how they're connected. They're all going to be surface mount technology, which means they're going to have a circuit board. The wires are going to be connected on the surface of the circuit board. The difference between them.Your Hopkins and your CURT, you can see how the wires come in each end of the box.

When they connect onto that circuit board, the only thing that's really protecting them is this box. It may have a little bit of material inside holding those connections in, where with your Tekonsha, your wires are coming in one end and the hole inside of this box is filled with that potting material. This one is really going to hold up well against any vibrations or anything like that, where with your CURT and your Hopkins, you have possibility of that vibrating, possibly causing your wires to come loose off of that circuit board. If that happens, the wiring harness is shot and you have to get another one.Unlike our CURT and our Tekonsha, our Hopkins, on the back of our wiring harness around the back of this box, it's actually going to tell you what each wire's function is. Tekonsha and CURT does not give you that.

Another difference between these three is going to be the amps per circuit. Hopkins, you're going to have eight amps per circuit. Tekonsha, you're going to have 2.1 amps per circuit for your stop and turn signals and 4.2 amps per circuit for your taillights. CURT, you're going to have three amps per circuit to your stop and turn signals and six amps per circuit for your taillights.Now, where is that going to affect you If you have a few extra lights on your trailer, with the Tekonsha it may dim down just a little bit. It's probably not going to be anything that you're going to really notice, depending on how many lights.

The more lights you get, the dimmer they're going to be. That being said, with our Hopkins, our four-pole wire that comes out, you're going to see the coloring. Same thing with the CURT. With our Tekonsha, it comes with wire loom already on it. Now, personal preference, you can buy wire loom for the CURT or the Hopkins, but it is one extra thing you're going to have to purchase if you want it to protect your wires and look nice coming out of the back of the vehicle.Another thing is going to be our fuses. With our Tekonsha and our CURT, you have to actually install the fuse. With the Hopkins, it's already installed. Now let's go over the similarities. Each one of these have a converter box. Converter box protects your factory wiring in your vehicle from any backfeed from your trailer. Each one of them's going to be fuse-protected. Each one of them are going to give you all the proper lighting functions to safely tow a trailer. All of them are going to connect to factory wiring in your vehicle. All of them are also going to live inside of the vehicle. That'll do it for a look at the best custom fit vehicle wiring for your Subaru Tribeca.

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