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Best 2008 Infiniti G35 Trailer Hitch Installation

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Best 2008 Infiniti G35 Trailer Hitch Installation

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the best trailer hitch options for a 2008 Infinity G35. Here we're gonna have two hitches available. Here we have your Draw-Tite, part number 24831, and here we're gonna have the Curt, part number 11499.Our Curt is gonna have a reinforced collar around our receiving tube, and our safety chain loops are gonna be just a little bit smaller, whereas your Draw-Tite, your safety chain loops are a little bit larger, however, it's not gonna have the reinforced collar. So when it comes to trimming, you can see that the Draw-Tite has a reinforced plate, which means you're gonna have to make your cut just a little bit wider, whereas your Curt can be a little bit smaller. Both these hitches are gonna have a half-inch hitch pin hole, however, your Curt is gonna give you a half-inch more clearance on the back of your vehicle, and the Curt will also give you a quarter-inch more ground clearance.Both these hitches are gonna be class ones. They're gonna be good for cargo carriers, bike racks, and light-duty towing.

Both hitches are gonna install the same. They're gonna have a little bit of trimming underneath, and you're gonna have a couple holes you need to drill through the bumper. Both these hitches are gonna be an inch and a quarter, both have a black powder coat finish. They come with all the necessary hardware to complete the installation. Both these hitches are gonna have a 200 pound max tongue weight, which is downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube, and both hitches are also gonna have a 2,000 pound max trailer weight, which is the trailer plus a load included.

With the Curt, it will require stabilization straps for any non-wheeled loads.In summary, when it comes to appearance, I'd have to give it to the Curt, for the reinforced collar gives it a much more finished look. When it comes to recreational, I'm gonna have to give it to the Draw-Tite cause it doesn't require the use of a stabilization strap. With clearance I'm gonna have to give it to the Curt. It's gonna allow for better ground clearance and it's gonna give you better access to your hitch pin hole. And that'll do it for the best hitch options on your Infinity G35..

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