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Best 2008 Chrysler Town And Country Trailer Hitch Options

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Best 2008 Chrysler Town And Country Trailer Hitch Options

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today, on our 2008 Chrysler Town & County, we're gonna be checking out our best trailer hitch options. So, today we're gonna be looking at three different hitches. Up top here, we have the, below it we have the CURT and right here we have the Draw-Tite. I'm not gonna lie, this video. is gonna be pretty short and sweet.

And that's because the hitches share a lot of similarities. There's not a whole lot of differences about them other than a couple that I can come up with and that's really gonna have to do with the appearance of it or specifically, the finish of the powder coat and bumper clearance. So, how much clearance you're gonna have relative to your back bumper. Now, if I had to choose one of these for my own vehicle, I'd probably lean towards the etrailer one. And that's because it's gonna give us better clearance over the Draw-Tite.

And I just like the way it looks. Honestly, it kind of has this matte black finish and looks more factory, if you will. So, really just wanna give you guys a closer look at these, especially with the finish. So, kind of touch base on the etrailer one. It's matte black.

The CURT is going to be a gloss or shiny black, and then the Draw-Tite's kind of in between more of a semi gloss finish. So, not really a huge deal, it's just gonna be up to you, your personal preference. Whatever you think looks the best. Now, as far as the bumper clearance goes that we talked about, I can try to explain it, just looking at these but I think it's going to be a little bit more clear if you actually see it on the vehicle. So, why don't we go ahead and just take a quick look at this.

So, today on our Town & Country, we have the etrailer hitch installed, and this is how all three of 'em are gonna look for the most part. Pretty much completely hidden, other than your receiver tube opening but, the bumper clearance, what I mean by that, so, our hitch pin hole, we'll get our wiring out of the way. So the hitch pin hole here, to the edge of the bumper, that's gonna be three and a half, four inches give or take. As opposed to the Draw-Tite that pin hole's gonna be about a couple inches further back. Is it a huge deal No, but, obviously, more clearance the better, right So, for those of you with folding accessories these are gonna be, the etrailer and the CURT hitch, are gonna be more likely to work. That way, It'll give you a couple extra inches of space that you might need to fold that accessory upright, not have to worry about it hitting the back of your Town & Country. Other than the at though, I mean, that's really the only differences between the hitches. They're all gonna be a class three and have that two inch by two inch receiver tube opening. Even the collars there at the end are very similar. They're all going to use that standard five eighths pen. So, pretty straight forward there. And I wanna mention a pen and clip isn't gonna come with any of these. So, if you need one, you can always grab it here at etrailer. And even down to the safety chain openings. The Draw-Tite has this loop style. Same deal with the CURT and the etrailer. So, regardless of what hitch you get, shouldn't really run into any issues on when you go to hook up your safety chains from your trailer. Even the weight capacities are gonna be the exact same for all three hitches. As far as the maximum gross tongue weight rating goes, that's gonna be 400 pounds and that's gonna be the amount of weight that's pushing down on the hitch. So, decent number you should be able to use just about any size bike rack. Just to kind of give you an example. Any of the hitches. As far as the maximum gross trailer weight, for all three, that's going to be 4,000 pounds and that's gonna be the amount of weight that is pulling on the hitch. So, weight of your trailer plus anything that you might have on it. All the hitches can be used with the weight distribution system, which is a separate component. And what happens is whenever you use that, that's gonna help keep your van and your trailer nice and level whenever you're going on the road. So if you've got like a big a camper, something like that, that you pull a lot, might be something worth looking into. And, if you use that, the weight capacities are gonna go up a little bit. Maximum tongue weight rating will be 500 pounds and maximum gross trailer weight rating will be 5,000 pounds. With all that said though, I do always like to suggest as it's never a bad idea just to grab your owner's manual. That way, you can make sure your Town & Country can pull that much weight, safely. Something that I do just wanna mention, if you're someone that's really only planning on using like a small bike rack, or especially if you already have a rack that you got in mind, you want to use, and it's that smaller, inch in a quarter in size, designed to plug into the hitch that's smaller, there are a couple available that you can use as well. Essentially, they're gonna share the same looks and everything as these, just a little bit smaller. So, it's always an option for you. But with that said, a class three hitch like this that has a bigger opening, definitely a lot more versatile, your options are really opened up in regards to what you can actually do with it. So, that's why I always like to recommend these. But other than that, you know, at the end of the day, it's really just gonna boil down to your personal preference and what hitch you like the best. And that'll finish up our look at of our best trailer hitch options for your Chrysler Town & Country. Hopefully this video gives you a little insight, makes it a little more easy to pick out what hitch you like the best..

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