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Best 2008 Chrysler Town And Country Trailer Wiring Options

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Best 2008 Chrysler Town And Country Trailer Wiring Options

Hello everybody, Clayton here at Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best trailer wiring options for your 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. As you can see here we have three different options for you to look at. We have one from Tekonsha, one from Curt, and one from Hopkins. Now we're ready to look at some of the differences between our kits here. Starting off with our Hopkins, there's not going to be any gel coating to protect the inside of our module.

Now, all these wires are pretty tight into the module, but over time, you never know, there might be some moisture that gets in there. But the Curt and the Tekonsha are gonna do a whole lot better job of protecting that internal wiring for a longer time. And if you look here you can see that gel coating right there and the sides completely encased. You don't have to worry about that. That gel coating is going to do a lot better job of sealing up the wiring.

Then looking at the actual wiring, our Tekonsha and our Curt are both going to have 10 gauge power wire. And our Hopkins is going to have a 12 gauge power wire. So this wire is going to be a little bit smaller. So our electricals for our Curt and our Tekonsha are going to be a lot better protected, and it's going to run a lot cooler versus the Hopkins. Looking at the dust covers, the dust covers for our Curt and our Hopkins both have to be added onto our 4-pole plug after it's installed.

But one thing I really like about the Tekonsha is that the dust cover comes pre-installed. So you're not going to have to worry about that coming off and having to track down another one. Then when we're looking at the module size the Hopkins is pretty rectangular. It's nice and thin. The Curt slims down a little bit towards the bottom, still pretty thin.

And the Tekonsha is very thin and pretty small. So it's going to be really easy to hide in your rear paneling. Not going to have to worry about finding a spot to put that. And one thing that I really do like about the Hopkins compared to the others is our fuse holder and our power wire are going to come pre-installed with butt connectors and our ring terminal. So you're not going to have to worry about adding that later. It's going to be nice and easy. Simply strip it back, push it in, cramp it down. For one, we're going to use heat shrink. These are all going to be plug and play. You're just going to have to run a wire up to the battery. So getting them installed is going to be pretty simple. Simply take the taillights out, plug them in and you're good to go. Very painless install. And then looking at some of the other similarities across the board, everything is going to be included that you need to get these installed. One thing that I like is that they all come with fuse holders. Like I said, it was all included. So we're not going to have to hunt anything down. It's going to make our installation process a whole lot easier. And all of them do have dust covers for your 4-pole. So that's going to keep that from getting deteriorated by the elements. And all three of our kits here are going to have a module. What these modules are going to do is they're going to protect your vehicle's stock taillight wiring. So you're not gonna have to worry about any backfeed or anything ruining your electrical circuit. Now, on the Town & Country behind us, our customer actually went with a Hopkins option. But, in my personal opinion, I would go with the Tekonsha just due to the smaller size of the module. Then, the Curt because these both have the gel coating to protect the inside of that module. Now, the reason I wouldn't necessarily choose the Hopkins is simply for that. I really do like the gel coating. It just is that peace of mind letting you know the modules are going to be nice and protected. Also with a smaller power wire, I don't want that to run as hot. So, these two would definitely be a better option. And with all that being said, that is going to conclude our look at the best trailer wiring options for your Chrysler Town & Country..

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