Best 2006 Infiniti FX35 Hitch Options

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Best 2006 Infiniti FX35 Hitch Options

Today on this 2006 Infiniti FX35 we're going to show you the top 2 hitches available for this vehicle. First off we'll take a look at our Hidden Hitch, part number 90074. This is our Hidden Hitch on top here and you notice that this has 1-1/4" receiver hitch right here at the opening. This part number does include a draw bar that slides into it as well as a pin and clip. Take a look at the top here; these holes here are for safety chains, so typical small trailers for Class 1 or Class II safety chains these loops will be more than adequate for that purpose. You notice a big flat piece of steel here. That's because this part of the hitch sits below the bumper and the rest of this that goes up and this square stock going across is actually all hidden behind the bumper. Next we're going to take a look at attachment points for our hitch.

This is a no drill application, so uses existing fasteners on the vehicle and existing holes. These 2 holes right here use studs that are pre-existing on the vehicle. This bolts onto the side of the hitch as shown here with the provided hardware. It comes with the hitch. This hole here actually lines up with pre-existing threaded weld nuts.

It does come with the hardware to go into that weld nut. This is our driver's side; this is identical on both sides of the hitch. Even though you don't have to drill there is some cutting involved. Your bumper cover actually comes down like this over the top of the hitch and this will interact with the bumper cover, so you will have to make a notch in your bumper cover to accommodate this, so the hitch can fit through. This cutting is at the very bottom of the bumper, so you actually have to be underneath the vehicle to actually see the cutting. The cover will come up to here, touch about right here and then wrap around the hitch. The weight rating on our hitch is very simple.

It has a 300 pound tongue weight, which is the weight that pushes down on the hitch. The hitch has a 3500 pound towing weight, trailer and load. Next up, we'll go ahead and talk about the Curt Hitch. This is part number 13558. Right off the bat the major difference here this is actually a 2" receiver hitch. This is kind of rare on a hitch that's rated at 3500 pounds, but does give you a variety of options that are available in ball mounts and accessories. On top here you have your loops for your safety chains.

More than enough loop for your small safety chains, for small trailers this is designed to pull. Now it goes to a square stock right here. It goes all the way across to each side. This part here does sit below your bumper cover, so you don't have to do any cutting. We have a flat stock here, that reaches up and our hitch will mount up below the bumper supports. This is where our install changes up a little bit too. On these 2 holes, they're not pre-existing on the vehicle. You do have to drill these out. To get access to these holes it's a good idea to have an extra set of hands to help pull away the bumper cover, so you can drill straight up. You'll be drilling into aluminum material, so it's actually relatively easy to drill. Once you have your holes drilled out, the hardware that goes inside the bumper inaudible 02:49. It comes with special fish wire tool to help you pull it through. Quick demo of the fish wire tool that comes with it allows you to slide your block into place first and then pull your bolt through. Helpful hint have this bolt facing this way, and then pull back through your hole. This uses a locking flange nut at the bottom. A very simple hardware. If you also notice this is all one piece unit compared to the multi piece unit from Hidden Hitch. This oval hole right here is another mounting point that actually will line up the weld nut that's installed on the vehicle already. It'll use this bolt and a conical tooth washer. inaudible 03:27 thread into place. You'll use this fastener to help hold the hitch while using the hitch as a guide to drill out your holes. We got 2 different designs accomplishing the same thing. A couple of things you might want to consider; is if you use your hitch for actual trailer towing you might want to go with the Hidden Hitch, because this does come with a ball mount. All you have to do is add the ball to it. It sits up close to the bottom edge of your bumper and provides a little bit more ground clearance. If you use your hitch for accessories such as a bicycle rack or a cargo carrier, you'll get more variety that will be available to you using the 2" receiver opening. This does lower your ground clearance a little bit, but this will give you a lot more variety in accessories. We also actually have this hitch already installed on our Infiniti. We'll take a better look at how it looks. As you can see of our Curt Hitch is in place, it does sit below the bumper cover. The wiring is pre-existing on the vehicle. This is after factory wire harness. It does not come with the hitch. With that that'll finish it for our look at the top 2 hitches for Infiniti FX35. .

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