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Tow Bar Wiring Diode Installation - 2011 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install Tow Bar Wiring Diodes on a 2011 Jeep Liberty

Today on this 2011 Jeep Liberty, we are going to install part number 48955. First off, what we are going to do for our wire harness is find a spot where we are going to locate the 4-pole end. And you can do it anywhere you want. We are going to actually run it to the center on this vehicle right here for now. Put it over this pin. And then we will go ahead and start routing our cable from the front of the vehicle all of the way back. Just stay away from anything moving, like the suspension components, or anything hot, like the exhaust. OK, we will take our ground wire with the ring terminal and we will run it straight to the frame. We will go ahead and show you how we routed our wire. Above the sub-frame there is a piece of tubing that goes all of the way across the suspension. So we actually thread it through from the front to the rear. It is actually easier to see from the back side right here. And then we were able to run it through the frame, using the wire pull. We were able to go all of the way out to the back of the vehicle. We were also able to route it through the back cross member. Our green and brown wires go over to the passenger side of our vehicle. And our yellow and brown wires will go over to the driver side. 1:02

Alright, next we will go ahead and remove the taillights of the vehicle. We will start off with the driver side and then do the passenger side. We are going to tape into our wires to install the diodes. So we will go ahead and take away the protective covering right now. We will be looking for two circuits. We will be looking for the brake circuit and the running light circuit. Now the reason we are looking for the break light circuit is that is going to do two functions for us. The break light circuit is going to do the break light, of course, and also the turn signal since it will be combined coming off of the RV. That allows us to use two less diodes and less wire splices. And the running light circuit, of course, will be dedicated to the running light. So we will test our socket. And that looks like white with a light green stripe. So that will be our running light circuit. So we will cut our wires in half, add our connectors to them and then we will install the diode in between. Now, when we install our diode, there is a label on there that say out and two inputs. Our out will always go towards the taillight. So we will slide that on. And then our input from our vehicle wire harness will go on one of the tabs. It does not matter which one. 2:05

Have somebody else hold the brake pedal. OK, that looks like a dark green wire with a white stripe. Do the same thing as before. Cut it in half and add our diode. Alright, we are going to take our wires, the yellow and brown, and we are going to pull them up from the bottom up here and connect those up to our diodes. And we will use a zip-tie to hold it in place. Then we will go ahead and shorten our wire to match up to our diodes. OK, we added our terminals to the wires. Now the yellow wire is going to be our brake and turn signal. So that will go to our diode that went to our brake signal. And then our other diode will be the running light circuit. So the brown wire will be running lights. All we have to do now is just bundle everything together. And then just reinstall the taillight and we will move over to the passenger side and do the same thing once more. 2:56

The white wire with purple stripe will be the running light circuit. And our brake signal looks like it is going to be the white wire with a light green stripe. We will go ahead and pull our green and brown wire up. We will zip-tie it off and cut it to length. Our green wire will go to our brake signal circuit. And our brown wire will go to our running light circuit. Alright, and then we will just bundle everything back up and reinstall the taillight. OK, with that that will finish our install of part number 48955.

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