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Hey guys, its Matt Payne with Putco. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the history of our company. What we are known for and where we are headed. It was the first company in the industry to have pattens on the original running board. The name of the company stands for Pickup Trailer Company. It was founded by a blacksmith who was making trailers and selling those. He bought a truck and his wife could not get into it, fabed up a running board and then got patents filed on it. For the last ten years outside of our stainless steel truck accessory core we have gotten into grill s that are clamp on style grills. We have also launched a full line of chrome trim accessory items that tape on to your vehicle mirror covers, door handle covers, and chrome accents all the way around the truck, car, or SUV. 00:45

In the last couple of years our company has been ventured into the lighting category. By offering a full line up of both fixture lighting like LED third brake lights, cab roof lights, and fender marker lights. As well as a complete family of bulbs, halogen head light and fog light bulbs, LED replacement bulbs all centered around the idea of upgrading your factory lighting. One of the neat things about the Putco line is that inside of all the different categories that we are involved in, there is a way to start with the chrome trim as an example. You can get a complete kit or you can get a couple of pieces and add a couple of more. There is always something new that you can add on to the package and the look that you are building in our trim category. 01:21

Also that is true in the lighting. For instance in LED lighting we are today launching some new items that are LED but for different parts of the vehicle where there has not been really an accent lighting available. An example of that would be our LED toolbox lighting kit. Which takes a component of our line, the LED lights, and puts it in a kit form that is universal and can work inside of a tool box so that you can see inside it at night. An innovation through finding new applications inside of those categories that we are in is absolutely one of our valued and one of our growth points. This is an example of kind of an innovative new Putco product. This is something we are launching for 2010. It is called a hyperflash LED bulb. These bulbs when you light them up, they do three quick flashes and then lock in solid on the brake lights. Really it is a product that was born from the power sports industry and it was a common upgrade for touring motorcycles. Nobody really brought it to market it in the automotive after market for car and truck applications. So a real safety feature that is built into it, it is not just about the LED look. It also offers a safety feature when you apply the brake. To kind of wake up the person texting behind you. The ways we differ from our competition. One of the big ways is in the quality checks and in the quality control that we have in house. As an example in the chrome trim category we do salt spray testing, batch testing on all of our chrome trim members that come in. So we are able to uphold a higher level of quality standard and to maintain that and guarantee that allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on nearly every part of the Putco line.

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