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This Old Trailer: Replacing a 6-Pole Connector

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Replacing a 6-Pole Connector Episode of This Old Trailer

Today on This Old Gooseneck Trailer we are going to install part number PK11604 from Pollak. This is their 6-pole connector and we are going to replace the one that is originally on this trailer right now. Now, what has happened to this one is it has been basically pulled apart a few times and basically the insides are getting worn out and some of the screws a striped out. So, we are just going to go through it and replace it. The first thing we want to do is go ahead and take out this screw and this screw here. This little screw right here, this is kind of a clamp that holds the cable in place. Then this little set screw holds the inside in place and in alignment. OK, let us push that on out. Now, when you go ahead and take these wires apart, note which wires go to what. On the inside of the connector they are all labeled left turn, right turn, TM for trailer marker lights, S is for stop which will be for brakes typically and you have the A in the middle for auxiliary for whatever you want to use and then you have GD for ground. 0:55

Now this trailer follows regular wiring codes, so it should not be a problem to change out and start over. So we will just undo the set screws and pull everything apart. We will get our new part and again, we are going to take out the clamp at the bottom. Undo our set screw. And we will pull the insides apart. Leave that alone. Make sure you run this through the casing on the connector. Now, take a look at the ends of your wires. If they are pretty frayed up, you might want to go ahead and just start over and cut them fresh and twirl them up pretty good so they are nice and tight. 1:49

Alright, we will go ahead and start off with our ground. Ground on this trailer is going to be black. Snug it down. You do not have to really crank it. Alright, we will do T for trailer marker lights and that will be the brown wire on our trailer. Let us go over to the other side. Alright we will do L for left turn and that will be yellow on our trailer wire. Alright, this is going to be R for right turn and right turn on the trailer will be green. Alright and blue will go to the part labeled S for stop. Or, on some 6-pole trailers, blue can actually run to the auxiliary circuit which is in the middle. Alright, make sure that all of the wires are nice and tight. And go ahead and slide the casing back onto it. Install our set screw. And do our clamp back here. Alright, in a few simple steps, we got our connector already replaced on our trailer. And it is good to go. Alright and that will finish it for part number PK11604 from Pollak.

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