Roof Rack Installation - 2010 Honda Odyssey

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How to Install a Roof Racks on a 2010 Honda Odyssey

Today on this 2010 Honda Odyssey we are going to install part number TH45050 from Thule. This rack will attach to the factory roof rack that is on the vehicle and it is very easy to install. It is just going to sit on top of the rails. Slide it over upside down so you can catch both sides and flip it over and put the straps underneath the rail itself. There are marks on here that tell you to center this over the rail. Get each side centered up and then move the cross bar to even things out. Once you have the rack sitting the way you want it, take the strap on the bottom, push it in right here and make sure that gets pushed in all the way. Then take one of the handles with the built in tool and just tighten it down until it takes up the slack and snugs down a little bit then you want to do the other side. 00:53

Once we have them snugged down we will tighten them down all the way. You do not have to crush it but you just have to have a really good grip on it. Basically you will start feeling a good amount of resistance and the band kind of conforms to the factory rail. We are pretty much there. Then when you are done with the tool you slide everything on to the rack. Next you want to repeat the same exact process for the rail going towards the back and you want to keep them at a minimum of 24 inches across from each other. One more detail is we need to install the locks on to the caps with the tool. All you do is pop this off right here and slide in the lock core. We have got the lock core with the removal key and lets just line up the tumblers and push it in and then we just need to hold the core inside and pull the pass key out and we are done. Then you can use your key when everything is secure. We will repeat that same process for the last remaining three. With the roof rack fully installed it is now ready for a couple of accessories. With that, that will finish our install of part number TH45050 from Thule on the 2010 Honda Odyssey.

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