Erickson Flat Hook Ratchet Strap with Tie-Down Tamer Review

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Review of an Erickson Flat Hook Ratchet Strap with Tie-Down Tamer

Alright, today we are going to review part number EM58691 from Erickson Manufacturing. What we have here is a 2 inch wide by 27 foot long tie down strap. This is rated for a maximum load of 10,000 pounds with a working strength of actually 3,300 pounds. Alright, and what is nice about this is it has a built in tie down tamer. And basically what it is you can see here, it has a coil and the end of the handle here can take up the extra slack. You always have some left over. Instead of having it flapping in the breeze or tying it into a knot onto itself. With the rest of you slack, this is a little bit more manageable way of having it. 0:37

Okay, we will go ahead and cover the construction of this part. I will start off with the hook right here. I will just pull it out. And the hooks that it comes with is a flat style hook. And that will just grab the edge of your trailer or whatever tie down point you have. And the strap measurements, from here to here is 2 inches and the rest of the strap here that goes into the reel is 27 feet. Alright, next we will discuss the ratchet assembly itself here. It works just like any other ratchet. However, the handle is a little bit bigger, obviously to hold up the rest of the strap when it is not in use. And then on the other side of the strap, we have the second flat hook. From around about 16 inches of strap and hook total on the other side. 1:22

Then the reel itself for the extra strap is a pretty simple device. Basically, when you tie it down you take up your excess strap. You just put it through the reel and just go ahead and just crank it down tight with just one side. And then this knob here actually tightens it down and you can see the handle kind of flexes in and actually fits onto the spindle right here where it tightens it down into place where it can not go anywhere. And this spindle actually fits into the handle like a winch would basically. So it definitely cannot come back off. I think you can see here a little closer detail, a notch inside the handle where it grips the spindle here. 2:01

Alright, we will go ahead and put it in practical use. First off, what you want to do is go ahead and loosen up the reel. And then when you take the whole handle and reel, you pull back on this lever. Pull it back all of the way flat so that you can pull out enough strap that you need for the job. We will take one end of our strap and put it on the other side of the load and just leave it alone for now. And again, this will attach to your trailer as you see fit. We are just going to go around the rail her for now. And we will flatten out our strap across the load and down to the other side of our trailer. Now obviously, having such a small load as we have here, we do not need all of this strap. If you were using a bigger load and you used up most of the strap, of course you would have all of this pulled out. 2:52

Let us go ahead and do that. Just to demonstrate, you can pull the strap completely free from the ratchet too. So, when you are ready to tie it down, just go ahead and put it through the slot here. And basically you would take up all of your slack. Pull it in and then pull back on this lever again to release the ratchet. That way you can crank it and then tighten it down. It is a lot easier to crank it down when you do not have the strap on the handle of course. And then, when you have it properly tightened down, just go ahead and take your strap and just go ahead and thread it back through the handle. And then just take the other side and tighten the knob. And you are finished. And you do not have any extra strap flying in the breeze or worrying about having to undo a knot later. Alright, to unload it, you probably want to put some slack in the reel. Just loosen it up, where you can have access to the lever here. Let us go ahead and pull it straight down. And then just pull up and it loosens up. And then take our strap off. Alright, and that covers the review of part number EM58961from Erickson, with the tie-down tamer.

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